Wear leather jackets in time

While leather jackets can be expensive, they can also add a touch of fashion to any wardrobe. When you own a leather jacket, it is important to care for it properly. Failure to do so can lead to rips or other damages.

To care for your leather jacket, start by applying a thick coat of leather conditioner to the entire surface. Make sure that you apply the conditioner in a circular motion. Conditioner should be applied several times a year. Next, protect your jacket from rain and moisture. Whenever possible, prevent wearing your jacket when it is snowing or raining outside. However, if your jacket does become wet, dry it as soon as possible. When drying, avoid using heat sources. Instead, hang your jacket and allow to dry naturally. Every six months, take your leather jacket to a professional cleaner.

At some point in time, your leather jacket may become torn. If this occurs, start by washing the torn area with a small amount of dish liquid. Next, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry. Cover the area with a small amount of leather compound. Several layers may need to be applied. Finally, let the jacket sit for at least 24 hours. If the hole is to large to repair, take a look at the leather jackets featured at luxurylane.com.

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