Online Shopping for an OOTD

I am a certified online shopper. I saw a friend posting her nice-looking arm candies on instagram and I am glad that she tagged the online shop where she bought it. I followed the online shop right away and ordered 2 sets of arm candies with watches because it was soooooo cheap compared to other online stores. Another friend told me that she liked my arm candies so I bought 3 sets from the same online shop and gave the other 2 to her as a birthday gift. Yes I am a constant client of this online shop because I love her arm candies so much, it is unique and it is not expensive. You can check out Knick_N_Knacks on Instagram and order a set for yourself.

But lately, the owner posted a photo of a pink origami skort paired with a lacey racer back top I immediately loved it and reserved it. And though I was not able to pay immediately for time constraint, I am glad that the owner didn’t gave it to another shopper.
But when the package arrived, I was surprised to see these lovely fashion bracelets together with my order. Oh my, thank you so much Ward_Robe for these beautiful freebies to match my OOTD.

537812_10151712940352499_441401699_nWhat I Wore:

Pink Origami Shorts and Lacey Racer Back from Ward Robe.

Arm Candies from Knick N Knacks.

Primadonna sexy sandals.

Secosana Bag.

9 Responses to Online Shopping for an OOTD

  1. Wetweeeeew! sexy ng mommy…you rock that outfit! I love everything from tops to accessories…to sandal! I-lookbook mo na:)

  2. I love the blouse, it looks so chic. Nice outfit!

  3. your outfit fits you well, great buy 🙂

  4. I love the back of your top!

  5. Super sexy 😉 love the color too, it complimented your light skin tone.

  6. such a sexy + dainty ensemble! love the arm candies, too! 🙂

  7. I love shopping online, too. I get great deals and cute items. Love your top!

  8. that sleeveless top is so cute! the outfit is so comfy for road trip:)

  9. those are really cute! i love the bracelets, super fashionable. the top and skirt look good on you, but seems too short? by the way i apologized for this late visit. have a great week ahead!

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