Monthly Archives: December 2013

Flash Lens

I don’t have a RayBan sunglasses yet but I was thinking of buying one because a lot of celebrities are wearing it. Aside from the fact that it is one of the best selling sun glasses and one of the oldest brand I have come to know.

So when I saw this baby, I got it right away.


Now say hello to my newly bought (actually swiped) flash lens RayBan sunglasses!!! They sure looks cool and I think it will look good on me. This is my Christmas gift for myself! 🙂

Guitar Talent

Talent comes out in a child during his early years. Our role as a parent is to help that given talent develop. There are summer classes that caters in dancing, singing, instrument playing, and acting for your little one. Now, it’s up to you as to what program and level you’d like to enroll your child to. However, for some, parents alone train and develop their child’s talent, especially if these parents had the same talent as their child’s.

For me, as early as now, I’m thinking of giving a  taylor baby guitar for my son. He’s interested and will eventually enroll him for some guitar classes.