Bebeng’s Kitchen ROCKS!

I have been following and reading Bebengisms for so long already that it is safe to say that I am Bebeng’s stalker for more than 2 years now. I learned about her blog when she hosted so many fun giveaways for moms like me. I am her constant follower and I super love her everyday musings and posts in her instagram account. I learned that she had finally found her way to baking and cooking sweet delicacies and notorious side dishes, so I ordered when I had the chance.


When these jars full of love arrived at my doorstep I cannot wait but try it out. Oh my, Bagoong Alamang is simply perfect for Indian Mangoes and roasted bell peppers! My brother fell in love with the Chili Garlic Sauce that he simply add up as an ingredient to his fried rice. The boyfriend also loved the Chili Garlic Sauce including some of his colleagues.


And after seeing these photos, I know that you are drooling already so head on to Bebeng’s Kitchen FB page and order yours now! Oh by the way, I am in BUKIDNON, I am just saying that wherever you are, Bebeng’s Savory Sidekicks will be delivered to you doorstep anywhere in the PHILIPPINES, as long as the courier can.

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