Tips on how to get a better shave for MEN

Shaving is something that most men do on a daily basis, especially men who have jobs that do not permit facial hair. Because men start to shave in their teens, they develop habits early on that determine the way they will shave for the rest of their life. The problem with this is the fact that many of these men are never shown how to shave properly. Because of this, they end up having regular skin irritations resulting from their poor shaving techniques. There is no reason that a man should have to endure these issues. With a little instruction and the right shaving products, any many can learn how to shave properly in not time at all. Here are some tips regarding how to get a better shave.

1. The proper use of heat and cold

Although it is one of the basic fundamentals of shaving, it is amazing how many men do not understand how to properly use heat and cold. It is much easier to shave your skin when it is hot and moist. Therefore, you might want to buy a special mirror that is designed to hang in the shower. Shaving while you are taking a shower is an outstanding way to protect your skin and avoid razor burn. If you prefer to do your shaving in a place that is a little more dry, you should shave immediately after getting out of the shower. This will ensure that your skin is still moist and your pores are open. After you completely finish your shave, use cold water to rinse yourself off. The cold temperature will lower the chance that your skin will become irritated.

2. Always shave with the grain

You should always be certain to shave in the direction that your hair is growing. This can sometimes be difficult in areas like the neck, where the hairs will grow in many odd directions. In the neck region, shaving with the grain may not always be possible, but do your best to go in the right direction. Shaving against the grain invites the possibility for skin irritation.

3. Use a moustache trimmer

If you decide to grow a moustache, do not use a typical beard trimmer to shape it. A moustache trimmer has advanced settings that allow you to do more things a regular beard trimmer can’t do. You should also apply moustache wax regularly.

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