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I don’t have my own house just yet but I am planning to build one of my own. There are so many things to consider first when building your own house. Such as the size of the house, how many bedrooms do you need, where it is located and many more. It is also important to think of where you want to build your house, if you want it in the urban area or in the rural area. After deciding the location, you need to decide about its size, how big or small it is that would be enough to cater for your needs.

As for me, I want to build my house in my home town because it is where my business is located and I want to raise my children in my home town. The perfect location will be in the town proper because it is where the school, church, clinic, grocery stores and market are located. I don’t want a big house because bigger house means bigger expenses for the electricity and water bills, so I prefer a small one but just enough for my family.

One thing that I would love to choose myself for my house is the bathroom lighting aside from the lighting in the whole house. It is important for me because I want my home to be perfect and I would love to have a different style from the other houses in my home town. A contemporary lighting for the whole house will bring something unique and different I guess. My home will look great and cool at the same time.

I also want a big front yard and backyard. I want to have benches and flower garden in front of my house while vegetable garden at my backyard. We have different tastes I guess in building our homes but it’s not bad to check out other people’s houses for some ideas.

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  1. It sounds like a beautiful house. My favorite part of a house is the kitchen. That’s where I get to do all my holiday baking this time of year.

    Good column. I like it!

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