Types of Water Pumps

Pumps are used to move fluid from one location to another and are available in many different shapes and sizes. However, each type of pump has a particular usage so it is important to understand the different types available to know which type to purchase. Whether you need flojet water pumps to remove water from your basement or need to replace the pump in your well, this guide can help you choose the right pump for the right job.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are used to remove water that collect around your home. There are different types of sump pumps designed for different uses. A pedestal sump pump has an open motor and is installed above the water level, while a submersible pump has a sealed motor and is installed below the water level. Most sump pumps run on electrical power but you can have a backup pump installed that operates on batteries that will allow you to remove water even if there is a power outage.

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are designed to pump both liquids and solids. Often, sewage pumps are used during basement remodel projects that include a bathroom. They may be submersible or above-ground. They may also be integrated into a basin. Although a sewage pump may be used as a sump pump where clogging may be an issue, a sump pump should never be used in place of a sewage pump. There are also macerator models that help reduce waste to a semi-fluid state, making them easier to remove.

Well Pumps

Well pumps provide water from underground wells. A shallow well pump sits above the ground and draws the water through one inlet pipe. Deep well pumps also sit above the ground but draw water through one pipe and out through another. Shallow well pumps are optimal for wells that are 25 feet deep or less while deep well pumps are optimal for wells that are between 25 and 110 feet deep. A deep well submersible pump has a single pipe that rises from the well that connects to a pressure tank. This type of pump works in wells that are 25 to 400 feet deep.

In addition to sump, sewage and well pumps, you may also purchase utility pumps designed for specific uses. There are pumps available for pool covers, to transfer water from one area to another and for HVAC units with significant condensation.

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