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Reasons Why You Should Create A Travel Vision Board

If you’re reading this blog, then odds favor that you’re a travel junkie who spends all of their free time dreaming about the destinations that you want to see. Unfortunately, money and time constraints can sometimes keep us from seeing all of the destinations on our lists as quickly as we’d like to.

This is one of the reasons why travel vision boards are so popular. A vision board is a collage or mural made up of pictures that represent different goals, aspirations and dreams. A travel vision board is essentially the same thing, but devoted to the places that you want to visit and see. For example, if you dream of a Las Vegas vacation, you might cover your travel vision board with photos of Nevada.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some of the reasons why you should create a travel vision board.

Get Inspired Daily

Sometimes we end up putting our travel dreams on the back burner when we don’t think about them on a daily basis. When you have a travel vision board, you see your travel goals in front of your eyes every day. This reminds you to keep working and keep dreaming about all of your dream travel destinations.

Beautiful Artwork

Travel vision boards aren’t just great for reminding you of your travel goals. They also serve as beautiful artwork. If you can’t afford expensive paintings or framed prints, a travel vision board is a great way to add some beauty to your apartment walls.

Help You To Foster Your Creativity

Creating these vision boards is a fun and creative task that will make you feel like an artist. If you don’t have a lot of opportunities in your daily life to feel artistic, this is a great way to unleash your inner artist.

These travel vision boards are a fabulous way to create a visual representation of your travel goals. Whether you want to fly to an exotic country or just visit a neighboring state, try creating a vision board filled with images and photos of your dream destinations. They’re beautiful pieces of art that will keep you inspired on a daily basis.

OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country. I am a Filipina and I am proud of it. I love to travel and I promised myself that I will travel around the Philippines first, together with my family, before traveling abroad. It is the same expense and you need a visa in other countries first before you get to visit their place. We have beautiful beaches, historical places, rich culture and friendly people here in the Philippines so why not travel here and help the country with its tourism.

One of my favorite destination as of the moment is the Province of Camiguin or more commonly known as Camiguin Island. This is what it looks like when you are riding the ferry boat and you are near the island already:

We had our prenup photos in Camiguin Island because the place is romantic and they have beautiful pristine beaches. There are a lot of things you can do in Camiguin aside from basking in the white sand and diving into the clear blue sea.

You can also try out this sea urchin that I cannot understand the taste:

You can check out this ancient church ruins: It is quite chilling to see it in your own very eyes and the place is so cold, the winds will blow your hair everywhere.

They have restaurants that serve delicious seafood meals which aren’t that expensive.

I love Camiguin Island because it is a picture of the Philippines itself. An island, with beautiful beaches, friendly people, historical places and delicious food.

OPPO F1s: Capturing the Philippines

If you are a traveler like me, you know that the only thing you can always take with you are photos of the places you have visited and it will make you remember with the moments you had in those places. An OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Phone will make you travel photos more beautiful because it has a 13MP Rear Camera which has 16 million colors that will make your photos more lively and vibrant. A traveler knows that it is wise to invest in a good phone who has a good camera which will eventually be beneficial to her/his travels.

Want a Dengue-Free Life? Check this out!

I love to travel and visit new places and like any other travelers I am scared of different sickness that I can get from visiting such lovely tourist spots. In order to keep myself safe, I always check the place out first what are the possible and common diseases I can get if I visit such place especially if it is abroad. But when it is just here in the Philippines I just prepared my common meds in the med kit that I always bring whenever I go and of course bring along my OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion.

I usually apply it before I go out of our home and re-apply it if necessary. Dengue and other mosquito-borne disease are always present in a tropical country such as ours. So insect repellents are needed to have a worry-free experience in every place you visit. Mosquitoes thrive in places where stagnant water are present especially during the rainy season where even different plants hold water in their leaves.

Me and my friends usually gets together in different open spaces so in order to keep myself from worrying and in order to fully enjoy the moment with them, I always carry with me my OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion. Prevention is better than cure as they say, so I make sure that I will not get sick from mosquito-borne diseases just because I forgot to apply insect repellent lotion.

Some people suggests that I should wear long pants and sweatshirts or long sleeved clothes to avoid getting mosquito bites but I don’t like wearing such kinds of clothes. I can still be safe while wearing my favorite clothes just by applying OFF!

Just like me, you can enjoy your day outside the sun without getting scared of the mosquito-borne diseases by applying OFF! Insect Repellent Lotions! Don’t get sick, be safe!