Booking a Time to Hit the Links

For many people, playing a round of golf is the perfect way to unwind. You get the benefit of walking around in the fresh air while playing 12 or 18 holes of golf. Along with getting lots of exercise, you also can spend time alone or with friends who share a love of the game with you.

However, your own schedule may be so busy that you cannot find the time to head to your favorite course to book a tee time. You can visit the websites for clubhouses, public greens, and Palm Springs golf courses that offer online scheduling so you can reserve your own tee time today.

Viewing Available Times

Facilities that offer online booking typically will update their calendars every day. Each day offers new sets of times that come open as people book tee times or cancel their reservations. The times start from the moment the course opens to the public until it closes for the evening.

Whether you plan on playing the same day you visit the website or a week out from that date, you can check out all of the times that are open to you. You can then decide what times fit within your schedule so you can call your friends or get off work early to hit the links.

Other Amenities

Aside from reserving tee times, you can also visit the website of your favorite course to check out what other amenities are available to you. For instance, if you need to eat a meal during the time you are at the course, you might want to know if the facility has a dining hall or cafe available. You may even be able to look at the menu offering for that day.

Likewise, you might be in the market for a venue at which to hold a wedding or anniversary party. Many courses offer banquet halls complete with catering. You can book this type of venue by choosing from the dates that are open to you on the website. You can also call the golf course to make a reservation over the phone.

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