Up Your Level of Fun at Lake Chelan With Water Equipment Rentals

Up Your Level of Fun at Lake Chelan With Water Equipment Rentals

Spending time at the lake is an enjoyable way to get into the outdoors, but make it even better with rental items built specifically for lake activities. You can anything from boats to jet skis, and everything in between. It will end up one of your favorite warmer month getaway spots.

Enjoy a Day at the Lake Using a Rental Boat

The only thing better than enjoying Lake Chelan from land is to move around on the water in a comfortable rental boat. You can choose from a small leisure craft to one that can accommodate a group of up to 25 people. It is a great way to see areas of the lake that are not accessible by foot.

Jet Ski and Wakeboard Rentals

The younger members of your entourage might enjoy the more intense experience of cruising the lake wakeboarding or on a late model Sea Doo. You can combine the experience of boating, wakeboarding and jet ski action with affordable Lake Chelan rentals.

Give Parasailing a Try

Get an eagle-eye view of the lake by sailing 800 feet above the surface. Parasailing is an experience you will never forget. Trained and experienced parasailing technicians will teach you everything you need to know before taking flight. As many as three people can fly at one time, depending on current wind conditions.

Try Out Your Kayaking Skills

Kayaking is a water sport that provides a great combination of exercise and relaxation. It provides a way to cruise around the lake silently. You can capture great pictures of the native scenery and wildlife. It is the perfect rental option for those that want to experience the more natural side of Lake Chelan.

The great part of renting equipment at Lake Chelan is that it can be returned when you are through and you do not have to carry it all the way back home. All equipment is checked for safety and usability before availability to rent.

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