How to Keep Cookies From a Bouquet Basket Fresh

Professional cookie bouquets stand out because every cookie is strategically arranged in a basket. However, after the wrapper is removed, air will circulate around the cookies, and the currents will impact freshness if proper storage procedures aren’t implemented. If you want to continue to eat different cookies after they’re taken out of a basket, you can preserve each product’s freshness by using some practical storage products.

Zip Bags

Zip bags can keep cookies fresh when they’re used properly. In order to maintain crisp, crunchy cookies, you must extract all air out of a bag before closing the seal. The easiest way to accomplish this is by partially closing the seal after many cookies are in the bag. Then, you should squeeze the bag to pull out all of the lingering air. When the bag is flat against the cookies, quickly seal the bag before move air circulates into the packaging.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are cost-effective storage solutions because you can use them multiple times. However, since a plastic container has nooks and crannies where air a linger around crisp cookies, the process of keeping a batch of cookies fresh in a typical unit can be challenging. If you need to preserve crunchy cookies in a container that isn’t air tight, you’ll need to wrap the snacks with foil or plastic before securing the lid. Plastic wrap provides the best results since the material blocks air by sticking to the cookies more efficiency.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuums provide long-lasting results by extracting all air away. The only disadvantage is that vacuum sealing devices are expensive, and you’ll have to replace the bags each time someone slices the material in order to access the cookies.

By using these storage solutions, you can enjoy your cookies after they’re taken out of a basket. If you want to eat the freshest cookies after buying multiple baskets, simply label the containers or bags with a date.

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