Three Scenic North Carolina Beaches to Visit

Three Scenic North Carolina Beaches to Visit

North Carolina, the Tar Heel state, boasts numerous natural attractions ranging from the highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi to the wine country of the Piedmont. Most agree, however, that one of the state’s most popular regions remains its shoreline. While some summer spots like Atlantic Beach and Hatteras Island maintain their popularity year in and year out, there are many quiet beaches in North Carolina that are worth a visit when you want to get away from it all.

Bring the Family

Located in Brunswick County in the southernmost part of the state, Holden Beach is off the beaten track but perfect for families. The beach is generally quiet and rather spacious. There is plenty of room to lay out your gear and enjoy the sand and sea. The neighboring town also has its share of attractions including the Magic Mountain Fun Park and Treasure Island Miniature Gulf. This makes it a great location for a leisurely family vacation.

A Hop, Skip and a Jump to the Shore

Corolla Beach is situated on the Outer Banks and is another quiet beach. Properties lie right on the shore, making getting to the beach a snap. The beach itself features beautiful, rolling sand dunes and a generally rustic air. With no pier or boardwalk present, Corolla is a great place to laze away a vacation without venturing too far from home base.

When you Really Want to Get Away

Accessible only by ferry, boat or plane, Ocracoke Island features unspoiled shoreline set around a charming village. The National Park Service is in charge of this secluded area, so there are quite a few regulations that you will want to research before visiting. However, this also means that its beaches are generally pristine.

North Carolina should be better known for its many attractions. Whether you looking for quiet beaches in North Carolina or are interested in some hiking or mountain climbing, the Tar Heel state truly has it all.

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