Things to Keep in Mind when Washing Clothes

The rainy season is here again. If you have not noticed, it rains every afternoon or every other day. It is hard for working moms and stay at home moms a like to wash and dry the clothes for seasons like this.

There are no easy way in washing the clothes but there are things to keep in mind when washing clothes.

When I wash clothes, I see to it that my children’s clothes are separated from the adults and the next thing I do is to separate the whites from the colored ones. Then I further separate it based on materials, the heavy ones and the lighter ones or delicates because I usually handwash it. I also separate the blouses from the jeans, the underwears from the trousers, and the home clothes from uniforms and working clothes because this is the proper way of washing clothes, you need to separate the clothes in different categories because in that way you can preserve the clothes quality.

After separating the clothes, I select the load size based on the load of the clothes I will wash on the washing machine. You can buy a washing machine that would fit your family’s need. Different specs are available that would match your household’s need. Some puts the laundry detergent first on the washing machine and some puts after the clothes are loaded into it. I , on the other hand, puts the laundry detergent first so it will dissolve first in the water, you can choose whatever works for you.

After the selected time , the washing machine will automatically turn off on its own and you can choose to manually wash off the detergent or use the washing machine still. Always keep in mind to use the settings that fits the kind of clothes you have loaded into the washing machine to keep your clothes safe. There are clothes that doesn’t need to be washed for more than 10 minutes, and there are clothes that needs warm water, so make sure you checked the directions indicated in your clothes and how to properly wash them to make them last a lifetime.

You can machine dry the clothes if you have it in your washing machine or air dry it or sun dry it. Which really depends on you. If you live in rural areas like me, you probably have a large front yard or back yard that have strings for sun drying or air drying your clothes. But if you live in the city, owning a washing machine that has a spin dry or dryer is a must because you don’t usually have a large space that you can use for drying your clothes.

Washing clothes is not an easy task , it requires hard work but it is fulfilling once it is done. Just keep in mind that you need to separate the clothes, use the proper load type and setting in your washing machine and dry according to your available resources.

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