My Mom’s Favorite Card Game

Eversince I was born, we always visit my grandmother’s home in the island of Bohol every month of May. We go there to celebrate the town’s Fiesta and mingle with our relatives from different places.

The usual activities would be the Novena that everyone of us should attend to, and the “Bayle” or a sweet dance every night mixed with Disco. The chapel is right beside my grandmother’s home that is why we cannot be absent for the mass every day.

Aside from the two activities we do every time we visit my grandmother’s home , we also have a lot of games to kill the time together with our cousins and other family members. We play cards and mahjong every now and then. This is where I learned that my mom’s favorite card game is Solitaire, back then I didn’t know what it was and it looked so hard to do, but I learned to play it eventually.

Since Covid19 happened, we haven’t gone to Bohol for 2 consecutive years and I felt so alone. I’m glad I found this website where I can play Solitaire like what I used to play every time I am in my grandmother’s home. I don’t have a real card in our home and I find it amazing that this kind of game is already available online and that I do not have to download it or pay for it. Thanks to Solitaire for rekindling my love and affection towards this card game and giving me the feels of being home for my grandmother’s town Fiesta.

How about you? What card games do you know how to play? And the memories that comes with it?

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