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Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have

You don’t need a massive collection of clothing and accessories to arrive in style anywhere you go. Most women feel that if they have a black dress, a pair of heels and a pair of flats, figure-flattering jeans, a comfortable casual shirt or tee and a jacket or cardigan they are well on their way to having the clothing they need for almost any occasion. In addition to clothing, there are several wardrobe essentials that a woman needs to extend the versatility of her wardrobe.


Over-sized bags are timeless and clutches continually remain a popular accessory. You only need a few carefully chosen, versatile handbags to always have the perfect bag to accessorize your attire. Handbags that are black, gray, green and navy will complement most outfits.


Patterned scarves in bold colors can provide a visually exciting wow factor to a black dress. Metallic or subtle colors can increase the elegance of the dress. Bright solid colored scarves can be a fun accessory to casual clothing such as jeans and a tee. Having a few light-weight scarves and some thicker warmer scarves in your collection is a good way to assure that you can rely on this versatile accessory year round.


A small assortment of earrings is all you need to elevate the elegance of a black dress or liven up a casual ensemble. A pair of hoop earrings, diamond studs and a pair of dangling earrings will carry you through a work week, a leisurely weekend or an elegant evening. Necklaces are definitely an essential accessory. Necklaces of different lengths should be part of a woman’s accessory collection. A statement piece such as a cage necklace is the epitome of elegance, yet is equally attractive when worn with casual clothing.


Belts are an accessory that can alter the appearance of a dress or tunic. A wide belt and a thin belt in black or with a gold or silver finish are the basic belt designs that should be included in your belt collection.

Compiling a small collection of wardrobe accessories will make it easy for you to create a variety of outfits using basic wardrobe items. Keeping your clothing and accessories organized and to a minimum will help expedite your morning routine and assure that you can quickly pull together the perfect ensemble for a fun or fancy event.

Bamboo Glasses – A New Trend in Town

Both kids and adults use sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays and increase their visibility while spending time outside. Although sunglasses are necessary when you’re driving in the car or are attending an outdoor event, they can still be used as a fashion trend. When you want to rock the latest styles this season, there are a few looks to consider for your frames.

Cateye Frames

Cateye frames are retro and stylish when you want to look chic with glasses that are dramatic with the unique shape that is used. Cateye glasses add instant appeal and can complement casual or formal attire when you plan on attending a summer wedding or spending time at the beach. The cateye frames are playful and fun, which will make you feel mysterious and a bit like Audrey Hepburn.

Color Mirror Lens

Color mirror lens are hip and trendy when you want to draw attention to your frames and have them stand out in a crowd. The lenses are available in multiple colors and are ideal for both men and women to wear.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are edgy and cool when you want to sport an accessory that is considered to be upscale. The unisex sunglass frames are hip and create a youthful look. Although the trend was popular in the ’80s, the style reemerged in the fashion industry in recent years and continues to remain popular for all ages.

Wayfarer Frames

Wayfarer frames are a classic look that is hip and retro with the unique shape of the glasses. You can enjoy wearing a sporty accessory that is perfect to use when you’re active and want oversized frames that complement different types of face shapes.

Bamboo Eyewear

Men and women who are going green and want to wear eco-friendly sunglasses are taking advantage of bamboo reading glasses. The product is lightweight and features clear, tinted, and polarized lenses when you’re spending time inside or outside. The wood is durable and will float in the water, making the sunglasses difficult to lose when you’re lounging in the pool or are going for a swim in the ocean.

Whether you’re exercising outdoors or are heading to a special event, there are several places to wear sunglasses to block the sun and look stylish. With the right trends followed, you can look fashionable and feel confident wearing shades that suit your personality and taste.

Adorn yourself with Jewelry

Jewelry is Adornment

Whether a woman gets a gift of jewelry or has to buy an extraordinary piece for herself, there is such a wide selection to choose from.

Below are just some of the unique suggestions that are available:

American Eagle Pendant

This native-style alloy pendant has an eagle with outspread etched wings and a turquoise inlay on its body. The necklace is 20 inches long with a 3 inch extender.

Birds of a Feather Charm Necklace

Designed and assembled right in California, this is brass with a heavy 24k gold plate. The 18-inch chain has a 4-inch extender. The accompanying card reads, “Like birds of a feather, we flock together.”

Happiness is the Key Charm Necklace

This is similar to the above, but the card says, “Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.”

Double Heart Necklace

This sweet 16-inch necklace features silver and gold nesting hearts.

Filigree Lace Earrings

Available in gold or silver with a French hook, these drop earrings feature filigree lace in the shape of a diamond. The diameter is 2 inches, and the drop is 3 inches.

Milas Coin Bib Necklace

This alloy statement piece has an interlocking chain with coin pendants and filigree.The necklace is 20 inches long with a one-inch extender.

Ornate Turquoise Earrings

These silver drop earrings have two turquoise stones, an ornate etched design, and French hooks. The diameter is 1.5 inches, and the drop is 2.75 inches.

Rose Gold Versailles Ring

This cuff-style Rose Gold plated and double-banded ring has open work, three beautiful ornamental pearls, and is 8 millimeters high.

Valley of Fire Choker

This adjustable choker in antique silver or 14k gold plated brass with a lobster claw clasp has a diamond design featuring a free-hanging turquoise or a simulated opal.

Look beautiful in this Sedona jewelry. The vision of Sedona East is to bring the free-spirited and decorative lifestyle of the American West to women through their clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The Sedona East woman believes that fashion equals fun and loves to adorn herself in a gorgeous way.