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Silver Jewelry Is a Great Gift Idea

Do you have a special person in your life that you want to do something nice for? Buying a gift for someone who means a lot to you can be a difficult thing to do. The gift needs to show that you actually put some effort into picking it out. The recipient will not be impressed if your gift just looks like you grabbed the first thing on the shelf at the store. Therefore, you must give this gift some very careful consideration. There are many factors that will play a major role in which gift you eventually select. Here are some of the biggest reasons why silver jewelry is a great gift idea.

1. Silver is timeless

All you need to do is take a look at some silver jewelry from a long time ago to see that silver never goes out of style. It has a timeless quality to it that makes it an ideal choice for a gift. The person you give it to will treasure it and have no problem wearing it many years from now. It will never become outdated or go out of style. Very few gifts can remain usable and relevant for as long as silver jewelry. This is assuming the recipient handles the jewelry with care.

2. It is appealing

Let’s face it, silver would never have become such a popular material to make jewelry out of if it were ugly. Its pleasing appearance is one of its biggest selling points. Assuming the craftsmanship is top notch, a silver piece of jewelry has a way of drawing the eye of every person in the vicinity. For a fine selection of the latest western jewelry, please take a look at

3. Silver will go with any type of clothing

No matter what type of clothing that a person wears, silver will look stylish with it. You never need to worry about whether or not a silver piece of jewelry will go with a particular outfit. The answer will always be a resounding yes. This is a good thing because it will allow the recipient of your gift to wear the jewelry very often instead of just on special occasions. You do not want your gift to collect dust.

4. It is affordable

Gold and platinum jewelry will put a serious dent in your pocketbook. However, silver is often priced at a level where many people can afford it.

Konifer Wooden Watch

I fell in love with wooden watches when I saw one. So when somebody emailed me if I want to own and review their wood watch, I said yes immediately.

Konifer Watch is a wooden watch that is a product which I absolutely recommend for people who wants to have unique watches to wear for any occasion. It is stylish and it will definitely look good to match your any day outfit. You can never go wrong wearing a Konifer watch even when you are in a casual attire or in your formal wear.

I asked for a Navigator Black Watch but I guess it was not available so they send me this one which looks better for me. I guess they know what really suits my style. The problem is, I have a very small wrist. I need someone who can adjust it for me.

The Perfect Wood Watch

I celebrated my 30th birthday last week and I am glad that a lot of people remembered and greeted me. But before my 30th birthday, a gift arrived at my doorstep. A Wood Watch, a Jord Watch, the 94A-Cherry specifically. I am not the kind of person who collects a lot of watches and wear it whenever I feel like wearing it. I am the kind where in I got only one or two time pieces that I can match whatever outfit I am wearing. Having the Jord Watch makes my fashion life a little livelier.


What I like most with my Jord Watch is that it matches my necklace and my rings that I wore everyday. I do not have to worry about my looks or if my outfits and accessories matches because having a wood watch simply makes me look great. A lot of people have seen me wearing my wood watch and they kept on asking me where did I get one. I simply lead them to the online shop where I got mine because they were amazed not only by how it looks but the materials that was used.

Wood watches are so trendy these days, and I am glad that I am one of the pioneers in owning one. I will e posting a lot of fashionable photos in the coming days wearing my wood watch from Jord Watches so keep coming back.

JORD Wooden Watches