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Bobon’s Pinangat

We went to Bobon, Northern Samar last year during the town fiesta. Before we left, we went to a certain store to buy “Pinangat”. It was my first time to hear about such food, N told me that it is a Bicolano delicacy. There are frozen “Pinangat” available for pasalubong purposes. We bought some and went our way.

Last month, we went on a road trip for our honeymoon (separate posts for each place we visited will be posted, please stay tuned) and pass by Bobon again. So here are some photos I got when we visited the place again.

Bobon’s Pinangat is very affordable, we paid only 650 for 5 packs of “Pinangat”. Each pack contains around 8 ready to eat and good for one serving of “Pinangat”. image


Pinangat’s main ingredients is Gabi Leaves, coconut milk, dried fish and red pepper.


If you happen to visit Northern Samar, please take time and visit Bobon then drop by at Manang Lydia’s store. This is will be of great help to them, I believe.

Panagatan Restaurant

Panagatan Restaurant in Cagayan de Oro is one of the best restaurant that I could recommend to tourists and friends. They serve only the best and aside from GOOD FOOD, they also have GOOD MUSIC and nice place to match it with. We are certified foodies and we always try different places to check out their best sellers that is why I can say that Panagatan is the best compared to other seafood restaurants that we have tried.
imageimageimageimageWe ordered Halaan Soup, Kinilaw and Buttered Gambas for this particular day and we are happy. Oh, we kept coming back for the Halaan Soup because other seafood restaurants doesn’t have it in their menus. You should try this place the next time you visit Cagayan de Oro. They have a branch in Centrio, Ayala Mall and the main branch is located in Opol, along the hiway.

Dress for Success

When you run a restaurant, the food is the main attraction. That doesn’t mean the rest of the details aren’t important. You need to pay attention to d├ęcor, the atmosphere, and your wait staff. Not only do you need excellent servers, they need to look their best as well. Sharper Uniforms is your partner when you need to outfit your employees. You’ll find a broad selection of uniforms and restaurant aprons that can meet your demanding profession.

Made to Stand Up to the Test
Your wait staff has a tough job. While serving and clearing tables, their uniforms need to hold up well under challenging conditions. Sharper Uniforms have created restaurant uniforms and aprons that are specifically designed for your industry. They are resistant to wrinkles and moisture. Aprons are not as easily soiled either. Quality counts and Sharper Uniforms is dedicated to providing you with uniforms that you can count on.

Find the Right Apron for Your Restaurant
You can pick the apron that fits your restaurant when you choose Sharper Uniforms as your supplier. Opt for waist aprons or bistro aprons. Decide of you need pockets or would rather leave them out. Cobbler aprons are another option. Aprons complement your uniforms and create a good impression. Choose the color and style that can complete the whole package for your staff.

Practical and Professional
Sharper Uniforms knows that appearances matter in your restaurant. That’s why the company is committed to high standards, supplying you with aprons that are attractive and highly functional. As you make your selection of aprons, be sure to browse through your options for uniforms as well. You’ll find several options when it comes to shirts and blouses for women, shirts for men, and vests. Pants and skirts are other alternatives to make your uniforms complete. Your employees will look their best and have uniforms that will withstand any of the challenges that come with working in the food service industry. When you want your wait staff to create a positive image, you need to give them the right kind of uniforms.

Monster Kitchen Academy Free Demo

I am a foodie but I am no cook. This post is long overdue and I am so sorry. When Monster Kitchen Academy offered Free Demo last year, CDO Bloggers were invited to join, and I was there to watch and learn how Chef Cathy Dano cooks Egg tart, Garlic Prawn Pasta and Roasted Chicken with gravy. Together with Kuya Jay and Sir Vic, we listened and tasted the cooked food in front of us. I somehow learn some ways on how to cook yummy foods.

I love to eat but cooking is something I also need to fell inlove with. I will ty my best to learn some new recipes this year and maybe continue learning from Monster Kitchen Academy.

What to Consider When Buying Cookware

Are you in the process of buying new cookware for your home? With a wide range of cookware brands, materials, and prices, it can be hard to know where to start. The following details just a few of the key advantages of stainless steel cookware.

Stainless steel is one of the toughest materials used for cookware. It is very unlikely that steel cookware will rust, chip, stain, dent, or scratch, which means that it holds up well with extensive cooking. Most stainless steel is easy to clean and is dishwasher and refrigerator safe.

Heat transfer capacity
High end stainless steel features a copper or aluminum base to maximize heat transfer, guaranteeing that food cooks evenly. You’ll be hard pressed to find other pots and pans that rival the heat transfer capacity of stainless steel.

Flavor preservation
Stainless steel doesn’t leak any metallic properties into food, which means that the pans won’t have an effect on the taste of the food. Typically stainless steel boasts a non-stick, protective coating that prevents the steel from coming off into the food.

Stainless steel has a minimalist modern appearance that many people find pleasing. All you need to do is gently rub or wipe it clean to keep it looking brand new.

If you cook lots of meals from scratch, stainless steel is a great choice for your cookware. It comes at a hefty price but will be well worth every dollar that you spend.