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OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country. I am a Filipina and I am proud of it. I love to travel and I promised myself that I will travel around the Philippines first, together with my family, before traveling abroad. It is the same expense and you need a visa in other countries first before you get to visit their place. We have beautiful beaches, historical places, rich culture and friendly people here in the Philippines so why not travel here and help the country with its tourism.

One of my favorite destination as of the moment is the Province of Camiguin or more commonly known as Camiguin Island. This is what it looks like when you are riding the ferry boat and you are near the island already:

We had our prenup photos in Camiguin Island because the place is romantic and they have beautiful pristine beaches. There are a lot of things you can do in Camiguin aside from basking in the white sand and diving into the clear blue sea.

You can also try out this sea urchin that I cannot understand the taste:

You can check out this ancient church ruins: It is quite chilling to see it in your own very eyes and the place is so cold, the winds will blow your hair everywhere.

They have restaurants that serve delicious seafood meals which aren’t that expensive.

I love Camiguin Island because it is a picture of the Philippines itself. An island, with beautiful beaches, friendly people, historical places and delicious food.

OPPO F1s: Capturing the Philippines

If you are a traveler like me, you know that the only thing you can always take with you are photos of the places you have visited and it will make you remember with the moments you had in those places. An OPPO F1s Selfie Expert Phone will make you travel photos more beautiful because it has a 13MP Rear Camera which has 16 million colors that will make your photos more lively and vibrant. A traveler knows that it is wise to invest in a good phone who has a good camera which will eventually be beneficial to her/his travels.

Editing Travel Videos with the Movavi Video Editor

Have you ever attempted to create a montage out of the travel videos you recorded while on vacation? Perhaps you’ve seen one or more of your friends create one that looked particularly attractive and wished that you could do the same for your own videos. Alternatively you may even have more elaborate plans, and may want to create your very own travel web show to share on YouTube or other platforms.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to produce videos for your own personal use or to share online, being able to edit your travel videos will enable you to do just that. Of course if you want to pull that off you’ll need a video editor that has all the tools you need – and if you’re looking for one that is easy to use then the Movavi Video Editor should be your first port of call.

As soon as you start to use the Movavi Video Editor for the first time, you’ll notice how different it is from any other video editor you’ve tried in the past. The user interface is designed to be accessible, and will allow you to locate the features you need without any hassle. On top of that the features themselves can be put to work using familiar actions such as ‘dragging and dropping’, ‘resizing windows’ or even ‘adjusting sliders’. In some cases you will even be able to make use of automated features to improve your videos.


While a big advantage of the Movavi Video Editor is undoubtedly the fact that it is so easy to use, it does not disappoint in terms of features either and will let you:

  • Cut and combine segments of video to get rid of unwanted footage and merge clips together in the sequence required.
  • Enhance the quality of your travel videos manually or automatically and fix any common problems such as shaky, blurry, or pixelated segments of video.
  • Add customizable text to create unique captions, subtitles, titles or watermarks.
  • Insert audio tracks for background music or voiceovers.
  • Apply stylish filters and special effects to alter the visual appearance of your videos.

In short, you should have everything you need to edit your travel videos and make them look polished and professional. Assuming you’re willing to experiment a little, it won’t be long before you’re able to transform the videos you recorded while traveling into attractive travel montages or even web shows.

Konifer Wooden Watch

I fell in love with wooden watches when I saw one. So when somebody emailed me if I want to own and review their wood watch, I said yes immediately.

Konifer Watch is a wooden watch that is a product which I absolutely recommend for people who wants to have unique watches to wear for any occasion. It is stylish and it will definitely look good to match your any day outfit. You can never go wrong wearing a Konifer watch even when you are in a casual attire or in your formal wear.

I asked for a Navigator Black Watch but I guess it was not available so they send me this one which looks better for me. I guess they know what really suits my style. The problem is, I have a very small wrist. I need someone who can adjust it for me.