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The Wedding Planner (Ultimate)

I am a sucker for WEDDINGS and yes I have said it before, and I will say it again! I love weddings and though I didn’t have my wedding just yet, I love to help my friends prepare for their weddings. I am not your wedding planner next door or your perfect wedding coordinator yet because I am not good at it, I sometimes miss out some things for the weddings so I really need to write or jot down everything to have that perfect wedding for my friend.

But I don’t have to worry no more because I have seen this very helpful Wedding Planner infographics and yes this is a GREAT HELP to everyone who are preparing for their weddings.
12 Month Wedding Engagement Plan Infographic by Shane Co.
Presented By, Wedding and Wedding Rings

This is a 12 month wedding planner preparation that surely have a list of everything that needs to be done before the “Big Day” comes! Wedding planners and wedding coordinators alike may have seen this that is why it is so easy for them to prepare or coordinate for their client’s/customer’s weddings without missing out a little detail.

I can’t wait for my own wedding and use this guide but as of now, I will have to share it to my readers and friends for a smooth sailing wedding preparation!

Summer Bride!

Every girl has that “Perfect Wedding” thoughts in her mind and I am just one of them. When I was younger, I thought being a “June Bride” is the best that I can get and yet I realized that the month of “June” is common for weddings because a lot of women wanted to be called “June Brides” so now I am thinking of getting married on a summer month for a change.
But of course the perfect wedding will not be perfect without your wedding gown or wedding dress and there thanks Lord that there are a lot of online websites who have great ideas for wedding gowns that the bride could choose from. One of these is bridal shops in Anderson SC which answers all the needs of all bride-to-be’s! They do not only offer bridal wedding gowns but also the dresses for the bridesmaids and the bride’s mothers and all of the entourage as a whole! This is a one stop shop that every bride-to-be needs, having not to look for another store makes your wedding more stress-free and worry-free.
I am not getting married yet, because nobody proposed to me yet, but I know I will in the future so I am keeping this shop bookmarked in here!

White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Yes, I have always been dreaming of spending a my Christmas in a place where snow is abundant. I want to build my own Snow Man and throw snow balls to my friends and family. But then again, I live in a tropical country which only has two seasons – Rainy and Dry seasons.

If only I live in Alaska or in Antarctica where I have to face snow everyday, I might as well wish to live in another place I guess. And if ever I can spend a time in a place where I can ski and go snowboarding, I have to wish Santa for a snow board jackets from because the weather might freeze my fragile and boney body.

But I heard in the news that there is a place somewhere in Luzon which people can feel like they are in Alaska, maybe I will just visit it some other time.

Charity Events and Churches

Some time ago in our town, my friends and I decided to organize a charity event where the proceeds will be used to buy new musical instruments for our church. You see, our church is still using old musical instruments, which sometimes, doesn’t work that well anymore or not even work at all.

With all the success that our event had, our church got new amazing set of instruments, and there’s even one who donated a digital pitch tuner. It was such a great feeling how you will be blessed with the music it created while singing praises.

Travel Thoughts and the FairyHobmother

Do you know who is this fairy? Yes, he looks like Peter Pan/Tinkerbell because he wears green costume but he has wings. He is the Fairy Hobmother. I have traveled the blogosphere with him. I have commented in different blog posts that I have seen his fairy dusts landed. And thanks God, he finally sees my blogs.

He finally found his way to me , bringing good fortune and so many glittering fairy dusts with him. He told me that he was kind of busy checking out the Top 5 Washing Machines online but still he was able to find his way to me.

You see, the Fairy Hobmother is a busy man but still he has the time to tweet and read some tweets (follow him at Fairy Hobmother Twitter). He is also busy checking out different blog posts with different comments from different bloggers. So it is quite really hard to find him. I am so lucky he did find me, and if you want him to find you too, leave a comment below and tweet him too.