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Kiddie King Jb

We had a Pose for a Cause event last December 2013 and so I let my kids join the event. It is so hard to ask the children to pose for the camera.

Top Tips for a Successful Kid’s Sleepover

Kids love a sleepover and, as soon as they start infant school and meet new people, they’ll be begging to have a couple of them over to stay at some point. While a sleepover will inevitably mean late nights and loads of laughter for the youngsters, it can also mean exhausted parents ready to pull their hair out because of broken sleep, but with the right planning and a little forethought, you can make sure that it will pass by without a hitch.

If it’s your child’s first ever sleepover, make a big deal out of it for them! Take photos for them to remember it by and treat them to some new pyjamas from George’s character shop range to make it feel really special.

Organise it so that the kids spend the night in the living room together. Ask their parents to drop them off with their own sleeping bag so that it can feel like a proper sleepover. If they have a sibling that doesn’t want to be involved in the party, plan something else for them so that they don’t feel left out and neglected. Perhaps offer for them to invite a friend over, or see if they would like to go to a friend’s house for the night.

Set some rules – don’t let the kids walk all over you! Whether they quieten down or not, make sure there’s a definite lights-out time and, if movies and kids’ TV is OK, give them a curfew and stick to it. Give them plenty of ideas which will keep all the children happy – video games should be avoided because they can isolate those who aren’t playing at the time. Provide board games or outdoor play options instead.

Make sure that all the little guests know where the bathroom is. While they don’t necessarily need a tour of the house, knowing the location of the loo if they’re in need of a midnight visit is essential – especially if you don’t want to be disturbed during the little sleep you’ll likely get!

Prepare a selection of yummy treats in advance so that the youngsters will have plenty to go at. From pizza to cookies, make sure there’s something for everyone. If the sleepover is starting early and you’re OK with the inevitable mess, get them all involved in some home baking!

Chat to the parents beforehand so that you know of any issues they may have. Make sure you have contact details, just in case, and make a note of any allergies that the child might have. Set a pick up time too.

As long as you put ground rules in place and your children and their guests know what their boundaries are, sleepovers should pass by without any issues at all.

From new jim-jams from the supermarket character shop to a movie night watching their favourite films, the key to a successful sleepover is to ensure that your home is fun central for the duration – worry about the mess later!

Photoshoot Theme

I am currently busy checking out different themes for a photo shoot. Yes, a photo shoot. I have been thinking of having a photo shoot, not that I am a model, I just want to try that one out professionally.

When a photographer friend of mine post a status in Facebook that he is doing a free photo shoot because he has free time this month, I immediately told him that I want to have a photo shoot. Imagine, I don’t need to pay for a photographer to have my photos taken. It’s a different story if you are not a model or an actress, because when you are people/photographer/paparazzi will always take a photo of you even if they have to pay you, and when you aren’t you will need to pay for a photographer or hire one to have your photos taken.

So, I have this dilemma for so many nights now. I need a photo shoot theme. Please help me decide. Or do you have any suggestions?

My Favorite Summer Experience

My favorite summer experience happened 2 years ago. Bohol is not new to me nor to my family because my Mom is pure Boholana and we always go home every year because of her hometown’s Fiesta and also to visit our Grandmother (who just passed away last April at the age of 96, may her soul rest in peace).

But two years ago, I went to Bohol with my family and I had a great time! That was my favorite summer experience because even though I have visited Bohol Tourist’s spots a million times, it was different that time because I am with my family and it was my first time to have a vacation with my son. We went to every tourist spot we know in Bohol in just one day and we sure had FUN.

Our first stop was Baclayon Church in Baclayon Bohol. One of the oldest Church in the Province of Bohol. This photo was taken at the side of the Church showing the Church Bell Tower. Our tourist guide/van driver insist on taking a photo of us behind the Church or on its side because according to him on that wall, you can see a famous Saint. Have you seen him?

Of course, our Bohol Vacation will not be complete if we will not set foot in the famous Chocolate Hills. When I was young, my parents used to tell me that Chocolate Hills is made up of chocolates and it is the bigger version of Hershey’s Kisses, so I used to tell my friends that when I will be back from my Bohol vacation I will bring a lot of Chocolates from Chocolate Hills only to find out that my parents were just kidding me. And now, it is my turn to fool my son and let him believe that Chocolate Hills is totally made up of Chocolates! hahaha
After our Chocolate Hills trip, we also drop by at the famous Bohol Hanging Bridge. It is not a long one but it is scary just the same. This is hanging bridge made of bamboo tree and it is the only way for the people who live on the other side of the creek to visit the City. See a man carrying a bag of cement? Yes, there are no other way to the place so they have to carry the bags of cement that they needed to build their homes on the other side. Trucks and even small cars cannot enter the place.
And these last photos below were taken in Sagbayan Peak, another tourist destination which tourists should not miss! The place is near some Chocolate Hills and they have a lot of famous people and animals made of cement where kids and adults can pose and let their photos be taken. My son and me poses with Marilyn Monroe here and what made this photo tick was that my son, 4 years old back then, touched Marilyn Monroe’s breast without me knowing. I just discovered it when I copy-pasted our photos from the camera to my laptop.
And, you can’t leave Bohol without posing with the famous Tarsier, the smallest monkey that can only be found in the Philippines! You are not allowed to hold it because it is an endangered species, but you can kiss it! (just kidding), I actually didn’t kiss it, it is just a pose! I am encouraging everyone to visit Bohol and other tourist destinations in the Philippines! We don’t have to go that far to enjoy our Summer Vacation and we don’t have to spend a lot to have a Happy Vacation! We also can help our country’s economy if we spend our money here in the Philippines by visiting our tourists spots! Let us not be aliens to our own country! Summer is MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES!
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The Wedding Planner (Ultimate)

I am a sucker for WEDDINGS and yes I have said it before, and I will say it again! I love weddings and though I didn’t have my wedding just yet, I love to help my friends prepare for their weddings. I am not your wedding planner next door or your perfect wedding coordinator yet because I am not good at it, I sometimes miss out some things for the weddings so I really need to write or jot down everything to have that perfect wedding for my friend.

But I don’t have to worry no more because I have seen this very helpful Wedding Planner infographics and yes this is a GREAT HELP to everyone who are preparing for their weddings.
12 Month Wedding Engagement Plan Infographic by Shane Co.
Presented By, Wedding and Wedding Rings

This is a 12 month wedding planner preparation that surely have a list of everything that needs to be done before the “Big Day” comes! Wedding planners and wedding coordinators alike may have seen this that is why it is so easy for them to prepare or coordinate for their client’s/customer’s weddings without missing out a little detail.

I can’t wait for my own wedding and use this guide but as of now, I will have to share it to my readers and friends for a smooth sailing wedding preparation!