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Fairy Costume for Halloween

We do not celebrate Halloween here in my town, kids don’t visit the neighbor and asks for candies and chocolates instead we visit our departed loved-ones in the cemetery. Some of my relatives even sleep in the cemetery on the eve of All Soul’s Day.

Every November 2, we celebrate a Mass in the cemetery and light candles in our loved-ones grave. But in the other part of the world, kids are enjoying their “Trick or Treating” in the  neighborhood while the teenagers attends Halloween parties wearing their favorite costumes.

My niece went to our cemetery wearing a fairy costume and every kid in the cemetery was envious of her.
I am thinking of organizing a Kiddie Halloween party next year so that my kids could enjoy it too.

Shorts plus Loose Shirt equals Sexy

I cannot remember the time I have worn this pink shorts but when I saw it in my cabinet I suddenly felt the urge to wear it and match it with the loose shirt that I got from my friend Eun Young eons of years ago.

Shorts plus loose shirt equals sexy indeed.
I am most comfortable wearing my flats/slippers compare to wearing high heeled shoes though I have seen a lot of ladies wearing their sexy shorts with a pair of sexy high heels.

Pink Fridays: Pink Ribbon in a Onesie

We receive this cutesy little onesie from my cousin Te Mai. It’s brand new and I think it is a gift for her daughter from one of her friends abroad but her daughter is now 3 years old and will not fit in the onesie anymore.

what caught my eye is the very pink ribbon ensemble in the center of the onesie.

Pink Friday : Pink Pair from Mommy Gen

Fridays, what are you waiting for every Friday? What do you love about Fridays? I love Fridays because I can share my PINK things for Pink Fridays!

Here is a photo of my daughter with too much excitement for the gifts she receive from Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life. Indeed, there are so many wonderful things in life and we should be thankful for that.

I cannot wait to see my daughter wear this cute terno that she got from Mommy Gen. And I will definitely share it with you 🙂

Pink Friday: Pink Donut

Pink Fridays, oh I miss this last week. For today, I would love to share my baby boy eating his favorite Pink Donut from Dunkin Donuts! I forgot the name of this Donut but he loved it. See it for yourself how:
Yeah, he is a Donut-Eater! He loves donuts and every time I went to City, its the only thing he ask me to buy for him. No toys, no things, just Donuts.