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Ways to Give Your Home Interiors a Refinement with Innovative Lighting Ideas

Are you planning on an interior refinement with the help of including new lighting fixtures? Well, then know that nowadays there are plenty of different lighting options to choose from, that also with affordable prices as well as expensive ones. Well, one such popular example of this is the variety of antique chandelier that can be a great lighting fixture coming with tremendous appeal and a stylish elegance. Let’s find out about some of the most effective lighting ways through which one can refine and change their home interiors.

antique chandelier
Have A Plan First
First and foremost, what you’ll need is proper planning about which are the places that need lighting attention the most. Without planning in advance, you won’t be able to do the layering and wiring that is needed to start using the lights. So, make sure to make the points first before you opt for any particular kind of light sets.
Focus On the Entry Point
Among all the places that a person chooses to light up to make his dream home have dreamier and appealing look, it is the entry point that you should never overlook. After all, proper lighting at the entry can make the home give a more welcoming feel that undoubtedly serves as a part of perfect home lighting strategy. The use of chandelier or lantern shaped lights at the entry can help you set the desired mood that you desire for your house.

antique chandelier
Make The Rooms Well-Lit
Once your guests get past the entry point with an already impressive impression with the lighting, next will be the rooms. From the living room to all the way up to your bedrooms upstairs, or the kitchen or the bathroom, each and every place can look more appealing and different with the help of proper lighting. Therefore, choose the right lighting options for each room, based on their purpose and the need of light and your good to go with a refined home with damn impressive lighting already.
Understand The Impression

antique chandelier
Each and every lighting faucet, whether it’s dimmers or chandeliers or wall lamps or other, have their own charm and look-creating capability. While an antique chandelier acts as a classical style of lighting which is popular among all who looks forward to giving their house a unique yet stylish appearance, the wall lamps or floor lamps offer a different room. What you need to do is choose the right look that you want for your home and opt for the lightings accordingly. If it’s a chandelier that can complement the look of your dining room with wooden floor, then going for normal hanging light shades will be a strict no-no.
So next time you think about introducing new lighting options to your home for improving its atmosphere as well as the looks, make sure to go through the varieties and understand the look they will create for your interiors first.

Choose your cinematic adventure with SM Cinema’s new theatres in SM CDO Downtown Premier

SM Cinema brings family entertainment to the city of Cagayan de Oro through seven (7) quality ad innovative theatres in Mindanao’s largest, newly opened shopping center, SM CDO Downtown Premier. Cagayanos may now choose their cinematic adventure in three ways as SM CINEMA CDO Downtown Premier opens its doors beginning today!

SM Cinema’s entertainment hub in CDO introduces the MEGA SCREEN – SIZE does matte rin Southeast Asia’s first super-sized screen equipped with a Christie 6P laser projection system. This format boasts an almost 30% larger screen size versus regular cinemas with laser projection that produces the brightest images and most accurate reproduction of colors from the actual movie set. The SM CDO Downtown Premier Mega Screen theatre is installed with stadium-like seats, and uses Dolby Atmos Sound System on Christie Vive Speakers, fully immersing its audience through state-of-the-art surround sound technology.

Aside from the Mega Screen, movie lovers can watch this year’s most-anticipated blockbuster movies in clear, bright images and pristine sound with SM Cinema’s fully-digitized theatres equipped with top-of-the-line surround sound systems. Escape to SM Cinema’s four new theatres and experience the spectacle of movies with friends and family.

The two luxurious Director’s Club Cinema in SM CDO Downtown Premier will welcome its guests soon with spacious, fully carpeted lobby and sets the mood with its warm lighting. Guests who are looking for a more refined movie experience can relax in its comfortable, automatic recliners furnished with spacious side tables for food and drinks that may be ordered through an in-your-seat butler service. With wall-to-wall screens supported by quality surround sound system, guests can sit back, take a seat, and join the club as they watch their favorite movies in total luxury.

As a standard in all SM Cinema theatres, PWD-friendly facilities are available inside the theatres for guests’ total ease of access.

Have the best day at the movies with SM Cinema’s newly-opened theatres in SM CDO Downtown Premier! Book your seats through , enjoy hassle-free movie ticket purchase, and redeem exciting rewards when you use your e-PLUS card.

To know the latest  movie updates and promos, follow SM Cinema on Facebook (@SMCinema) , Twitter (@SM_Cinema) and Instagram (@sm_cinema).

Tan-aw kamo sa mga salida sa sine!

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WAO Stock Off Road Challenge

We have this offroad truck/Jeep for awhile now, using it when we visit the farm but we haven’t tried using it in joining off road challenges in different municipalities.

Last year, my father and two brothers decided to try their luck and I glad that they were able to bag the Champion and 1st runner up in the Modified Stock Category at Pilintangan Race Track STOCK OFF ROAD 4X4 2nd LGU FUN RUN.


This event taught us that it is never too late to try something new. We had FUN and we went home with awards!

Foods To Eat For Fertility

When you are trying to get pregnant, your first stop should be a simple one: your diet. Making sure that you are eating a healthy diet is a great way to increase and improve your fertility. Nutrition plays a huge role in all body processes, including fertility. Read on for some foods that are good for increasing your fertility.

Beans & Legumes: Beans and legumes are a great fertility boosting food. A recent study showed that women who ate a high amount of animal protein were 39% more likely to have fertility problems, but women who ate a lot of plant proteins, were less likely to have fertility issues.

Green Veggies: You already know that leafy green veggies are good for you, but did you know that they are super good for your fertility as well? Spinach, Broccoli, romaine, and other dark, leafy greens are super high in folate, which can help to improve ovulation. In fact, share these greens with your mate, because men who get a lot of folate also have improved sperm.

Ice Cream (and other full fat dairy): Studies show that one to two servings per day of full fat dairy or whole milk products can protect against ovulatory infertility. Make sure you opt for the good rstuff, however, since skim and low fat milk products can actually do the opposite. Replace one low fat milk item per day with a full fat version to help reap the fertility benefits.

Whole Grains: Whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice and other whole grains are complex carbs, which can help to regulate reproductive hormones. Plus, they are just all around better for your body. Make sure to choose whole grains whenever possible for the best fertility benefits.

Olive Oil: Olive oil and other monounsaturated fats he;p to decrease inflammation in the body. This can help with ovulation, conception, and early embryo development.

Fish: Salmon and other cold water fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and can help to regulate reproductive hormones. Make sure to stay away from fish like swordfish, king mackerel and shark if you are trying to get pregnant, since the EPA warns against that.

Our SEDA HOTEL experience booked through Traveloka APP

I am a certified traveler and I know that as a traveler you need to have the best accommodation a place could offer. Some of the best hotels are quite expensive that is why I always check where I can save money and have the accommodation that fits my needs and wants.
I usually travel with my kids so the first thing that I check is that the hotel will have a big space for me and my family and a swimming pool. The best deals in hotel accommodation is so easy to check online, thanks to different travel apps that I could easily check out whenever I want and wherever I am. This is my first time to come across and I am glad that I have found this app, which I used when I booked our Pre-Valentine’s Day staycation.
I was invited during Seda’s VIP Night last 2013 here in Cagayan de Oro and I wasn’t able to check-in for the last 3 years simply because Seda Centrio is one of the most expensive hotels in the city. But I decided to have our staycation at Seda Centrio with my family and I am glad that when I checked Traveloka App they have discounts that I can use right away, they have up to 25% off on hotel accommodation and that is BIG savings.
My kids enjoyed our staycation so much. I chose the CLUB room type with two beds on the 11th floor. As a CLUB and Premier Guest, Seda Centrio offers additional benefits such as: Complimentary pressing of one suit/dress upon arrival per guest per room, turndown service, complimentary use of DVD player (on request) and complimentary late check-out until 2:00 pm, subject to room availability.

We have a small fridge inside the cabinet, so the kids brought along their chocolates and drinks and kept it there. I love that they have a work area, which has a big table, desk lamp, with a comfortable swivel chair to match it with.

The kids enjoyed the big flat screen TV mounted at the wall, they watched Nick Jr as usual at least the TV is big enough for both of them. My daughter is a little princess that wants a clean and beautiful bathroom that fits a queen. She liked it so much that she immediately take a bath without me asking her to do it.

Seda Centrio has 2 swimming pools, 1 kiddie pool and 1 pool for the adults. I loved that they are not connected to each other like most hotels have which I really don’t like. Beside the swimming pool is the gym which can be used by hotel guests for free.

During our stay, we enjoyed the buffet breakfast (which is available 6:00 am to 10:00am at MISTO restaurant), afternoon tea (available from 2:00pm to 4:00pm) and evening cocktail (from 6:00pm to 8:00pm).
If you want to enjoy big discounts in hotel accommodations like me, you should download the Traveloka App in your phone, it is available in Apple users and Androids too.

It’s so easy to use, when you have the Traveloka App already, you can see 6 choices that you can tap: Flights, Hotels, Int’l Flights, Int’l Hotels, Price Alerts and Ongoing Promos.

Tap “Hotels” for bookings. In order to Search for the accommodation that you want, you must enter your Destination, Check-in Date, Duration, Total Guests and the number of Rooms that you need and you will see the available hotels in the area with prices. The prices are final and it includes tax already so you do not have to worry about additional charges when you arrive at your hotel.

Traveloka App will ask you for your contact details and special requests, if there is any, after you choose your hotel and room to stay for the preferred dates.
There are a lot of choices for payment and that is the best part, you don’t have to own a credit card to pay your hotel accommodation (which usually happens in a travel/hotel app). You can pay over the counter (7-11 or MLhuiller which has a lot of branches) or through banks (BPI, BDO, China bank, Landbank and Metrobank). Once done, Traveloka will give you a voucher for your booking, they will send you a copy through your email add and they will also text you in your cellphone number.

When you are about to check-in, the receptionist just needs your valid ID and voucher for your booking. It is so easy to book online and save a lot of money at the same time. Traveloka App is a must-have app in your smart phone. I saved around 23% from the usual room rates for Seda Centrio and that is a lot of money. You can save too, just by downloading the Traveloka App and book through them.