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Hello Wedge!



Say hello to my wedge shoes!

I finally got one courtesy of my mom; yes, she bought me one from Rusty Lopez at Php 799! So, I better get used to wearing these shoes. And for a flip flop/flats person like me, I just hope that I can last the entire day without switching to my comfortable pair. Wish me luck!

Shopping for Chicay’s Sandals

My baby Chicay has so many shoes already because a lot of generous relatives have given her a pair or two.

But still, we went shoe shopping last week because she needed these cutesy little sandals:
Chicay is 6 months old already and she want to walk on her own though she still needs to learn how to walk with the help of her baby walker. Chicay needs this sandal because she doesn’t like wearing shoes so well. Maybe because she feels it is too hot for her feet.

Red Flats and Red Bag

My mom just got home from Bohol, and she has gifts for me. I love my mother so much because she knows what I want to receive from her.

Here is a photo of her gifts to me:

The red flats are made from Brazil, it is not Havaianas nor Ipanema, it is Caribbean. According to the little tag attached to it, this product is made from 100% recyclable materials. So this one is eco-friendly then.

The red bag is also a gift from my mother, she said that she took the freedom of buying it to pair with the red flats.

Pink Fridays : GodMother’s Gift

My daughter’s fairy Godmother gave her a pair of Pink SHOES.

Pink Fridays: Pink Shoes

Pink thoughts for Pink Fridays : Pink Shoes!!!
When I saw this little shoes for babies I suddenly felt the urge to buy it though I know my baby will not be able to wear it after I gave birth to her. She can only wear this one when her feet will get bigger, as now it is so cute and little that even her baby socks fall off her feet.
It is not the typical pink I believe, the color is like an old rose. But still it is under the shade of pink, right? teehee.