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Big Shell

Two rival networks have the same concept of show this summer. That will be a mermaid-themed fantasy series, where we’re getting to see more of beach, sun and sand. And it really made me more excited on having a summer vacation with my family.

Thinking of beach and mermaid on movies, one of the most common thing you see on it is a Conch, a large sea snail in which the conch shell  is usually seen on mermaid movies or shows like what we have now.

There are also large shells that produces sound when blown just like a brass instruments from guitar center . I wonder if that really works, would love to try someday.

College Ring

It’s been years now since I graduated from college. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life, to be up on stage, making my parents proud of my achievements.

College will be surely missed where the only problem you’ll encounter were assignments, exams, and projects. But what’s great about it was the friendship that was built and the knowledge that was learned that mold us. And since we love our Alma Mater so much, we each got ourselves one of the best design class rings so we can have something that would remember us the best days of our lives.

Guitar Talent

Talent comes out in a child during his early years. Our role as a parent is to help that given talent develop. There are summer classes that caters in dancing, singing, instrument playing, and acting for your little one. Now, it’s up to you as to what program and level you’d like to enroll your child to. However, for some, parents alone train and develop their child’s talent, especially if these parents had the same talent as their child’s.

For me, as early as now, I’m thinking of giving a  taylor baby guitar for my son. He’s interested and will eventually enroll him for some guitar classes.