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Having a Great Event

I’ve been into different types of event in the last couple of months. From fashion shows, pageants, down to school presentations. However, not all that I’ve attended can be said a perfect event.

Well, how can you say that an event that you graced is a good one? For me what makes an event unforgettable is the way it was well organized. A great line up of program is a must, pair it with an energetic host. Of course, not to mention the design or the theme of the stage has to be appealing and relevant to the said event. Having an upbeat music controlled by an exciting midi controller at guitar center has to be on top of the list too to give life to the event. And lastly, good food for the attendees.

When all of these are met, then you sure have an event that is worth to remember.

Country House

Planning to have your own house? I’m sure you wanted it to be as stylish as possible. Something that would definitely match your personality. For me, I wanted my house to have a patio, where me and my children could hangout while enjoying small talks on snack time. But of course, I got to have a comfortable patio cushion seating where we would sit on in. Then a very nice and cute patio table as well. Surrounded by pots of fragrant flowers. Don’t you just love the country life? I would definitely want to have this come true as soonest as possible.

Party Planning

Party planning is definitely no joke. Everyone thought it’s easy, but it’s not. Especially if you’re planning a big one. You have to think of a theme, plan your design,  buy some decorations, decide on your souvenir, coordinate with the caterer, look for the best party host, and so on. With a long list needed, these type of huge celebrations should be planned 2-3 months ahead.

However, small parties with less than a dozen attendees doesn’t need a month long preparation. This can be done for a week or two; just choose your menu, put a little bit of decoration, and send out invites which can be printed in a local overnight printing shop, then everything is set. You just have to be creative on how you would like it to be extra special, and definitely your party will be a blast.

Me – Up Close


I cannot remember when was the last time I took a close-up photo of myself but just recently I took a photo of me with my shades with no edits. I just want to look at my flawless face (flawless because I have no pimples) and I don’t get tired of taking photos of my face. Thanks to my beauty secret I don’t have to edit my photos before I upload them on my social networks account.

I Love What I Do

After I graduated, I had a typical 8-5 job. I worked in an office, I had a boss, I beat deadlines. However, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, surviving the day to day expenses because of the earned hard work, and because of the influence that it had on me, I quit my job and put one on my own.

Though, there are times that I’m thinking what if I have a different job. What If I work in a laboratory surrounded with equipment and lab furnaces, that would have been a cool job for me. But deep inside I know, I am really meant to be a business woman. I love what I do, and I know that I’m good with it, so I will strive harder for my family.