Up Your Level of Fun at Lake Chelan With Water Equipment Rentals

Up Your Level of Fun at Lake Chelan With Water Equipment Rentals

Spending time at the lake is an enjoyable way to get into the outdoors, but make it even better with rental items built specifically for lake activities. You can anything from boats to jet skis, and everything in between. It will end up one of your favorite warmer month getaway spots.

Enjoy a Day at the Lake Using a Rental Boat

The only thing better than enjoying Lake Chelan from land is to move around on the water in a comfortable rental boat. You can choose from a small leisure craft to one that can accommodate a group of up to 25 people. It is a great way to see areas of the lake that are not accessible by foot.

Jet Ski and Wakeboard Rentals

The younger members of your entourage might enjoy the more intense experience of cruising the lake wakeboarding or on a late model Sea Doo. You can combine the experience of boating, wakeboarding and jet ski action with affordable Lake Chelan rentals.

Give Parasailing a Try

Get an eagle-eye view of the lake by sailing 800 feet above the surface. Parasailing is an experience you will never forget. Trained and experienced parasailing technicians will teach you everything you need to know before taking flight. As many as three people can fly at one time, depending on current wind conditions.

Try Out Your Kayaking Skills

Kayaking is a water sport that provides a great combination of exercise and relaxation. It provides a way to cruise around the lake silently. You can capture great pictures of the native scenery and wildlife. It is the perfect rental option for those that want to experience the more natural side of Lake Chelan.

The great part of renting equipment at Lake Chelan is that it can be returned when you are through and you do not have to carry it all the way back home. All equipment is checked for safety and usability before availability to rent.

Benefits of Switching to Natural Hair Care Products

Having lush, shiny hair boosts your appearance. The health of your hair is more important than any style or color you choose. That’s why using natural hair care products makes sense. Unlike most commercial shampoos and dyes, natural products are made from plants and herbs that enrich hair. Here are four beneficial reasons for switching to plant-based shampoos and hair dyes.

Soothes the Scalp

Beauty products that contain harmful sulfates damage both the hair and the skin. The longer you use them, the dryer your locks and scalp will become. For people with conditions like scalp psoriasis, the symptoms can be extremely annoying. Instead of causing itching and burning sensations, organic shampoos and dyes gently cleanse and color without stripping oils from the hair and scalp.

Nourishes Hair

Just like your body, your hair needs the proper nourishment to thrive. Organic shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that gently clean hair and give it what it needs to flourish. With regular use, these products gradually improve the appearance of hair instead of simply trying to conceal common problems.

Contains No Harmful Chemicals

Most salon hair dyes contain harsh ingredients like PPD, ammonia and peroxide. PPD, or Paraphenylenediamine, is used in darker hair dyes to create a natural looking color that doesn’t fade. Unfortunately, it is also responsible for causing everything from a mild scalp irritation to contact dermatitis and eczema. By using botanical hair care products instead, you can achieve the shade you want without damage to the hair or scalp. Another perk of natural henna dyes is they don’t produce the terrible smell associated with many popular hair color brands.

Helps Repair Damaged Hair

While the results won’t happen overnight, switching to organic products will eventually produce hair that’s naturally healthy. Isn’t it better to actually repair hair to its original state than trying to cover up problems like dryness, split ends and dull color? Continual use of harsh shampoos and dyes will only cause further damage.

Achieving an attractive head of hair doesn’t mean you have to resort to using harsh shampoos and dyes. If you’re serious about improving the health of your mane, treat yourself to natural products that give hair what it needs to grow and thrive.

Your Guide On Creating An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

We all want to look our best and our youngest for as long as possible. One of the keys to staying youthful is creating a great skincare regimen and sticking to it. To help you create a skincare regimen that will prevent signs of aging and diminish any fine lines that you may already have, here’s a step-by-step guide to an ideal anti-aging skincare routine.

Step One: Cleanse

Cleansing is important if you want to have healthy skin. It’s especially important if you wear makeup. There’s nothing worse for the skin than going to bed with a full-face of makeup. Get rid of all signs of makeup by first removing it with a cleansing oil or wipe and then following up with a foaming or gel cleanser to get rid of any residue left behind.

Step Two: Treat

The best way to prevent lines and diminish wrinkles is by using a product specifically designed to treat and prevent signs of aging. A serum is one of the best anti-aging treatments there is, because it delivers concentrated nutrients and ingredients to your skin. Try an apple stem cell serum, which helps your skin cells to rejuvenate, leaving you with a brighter complexion.

Step Three: Moisturize

Your skin needs moisture to look its healthiest and most radiant. During the day, you should look for a light lotion that contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. For your nighttime routine, look for a thick cream that will deliver a generous dose of moisture to your skin while you sleep.

Step Four: Facials and Masks

You don’t need to visit a spa or apply a face mask every night. However, these occasional treatments can really do wonders for improving your complexion. Get a facial every few months in order to deeply cleanse and treat your skin. Apply an at-home anti-aging mask once a week to fight fine lines.

Remember, skincare routines only work if you stick to them. If you do this routine regularly, you should start to see an improvement in your skin after a couple of months.