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Preparations for International Travel

A number of people love to travel. While some prefer to travel only in the United States, many places around the world feature great locations, terrific people and unforgettable food. Before going on an international trip, it is extremely important to make preparations. There are a couple of items to keep in mind.

Documents to Keep
Whether an individual is traveling to a country like Mexico or England, it is necessary these days to have a passport. While getting a passport does sound like a simple task to perform, keep in mind that it may take longer than one would believe. Therefore, it is better to get a passport sooner rather than later. If an individual already has her or his passport, make sure it has not expired or will expire before the trip. International travel may be complicated because of an individual’s status within the United States. It may be time to seek the counsel of an immigration attorney Richmond VA, in order to provide good counsel in how to proceed with a future trip. Although acquiring all the documentation may take time, it is certainly worth the wait.

Organizers to Organize
Depending on the country where an individual is going, it may be hard to know what items to bring on a trip. People who may not be the most organized can easily become flustered as a result of all the packing and unpacking that must be done. Therefore, consider purchasing some quality luggage that can take some of the hassle out of packing. For women, there is nice makeup bags that are specific designed for travel. Some bags feature numerous compartments that enable little items to be carefully stored. For men, there are bags that enable them to carry bathroom items that can include a razor blade and a toothbrush. Some suitcases feature many compartments that protect clothes, shoes and paperwork from becoming smashed. Although there is a price to having quality luggage, it may well be worth the price when items are intact and are easily accessible.

Although international travel has changed over the years, people can be ready for what may come. Whether it is time to see a city like London, Mexico City or Tokyo, individuals can be prepared and have the time of their lives. Travel preparations can truly be priceless when everything comes together at the right time.

Important Words You Should Learn

Are you thinking of visiting Thailand? I have been there and yes the country is beautiful and bountiful.

But before I went there, I made sure I am ready. Looking back at my diary, I have jot down different yet simple words you should memorize or at least write down in your notes, they may come handy when you are in Thailand.

These are just some of them:

  • male – krup
  • female – kaa
  • not too spicy please – kor mai phet
  • chicken – gai
  • beef – nyea
  • fish – plaa
  • pork – muu
  • water – nam
  • coffee – ga-fae
  • ice – nam khang


  • hello, good morning – sawasdee
  • how are you? – sabai dee reu?
  • thank you – kop koon
  • never mind – mai pen rai
  • I can’t speak Thai – phoot Thai mai dai
  • I don’t understand – prohd phoot cha-cha
  • May I take a photo? – tai ruup dai mai?
  • Where is the CR? – hong nam yoo te nai?
  • What is this? – nee arai?

Yes, these are the words and greetings I have jotted down in my diary. Some Thailand nationals are not good in speaking or understanding the English language, so you might have a problem when you are there.

Five Recommendable Places to Wine and Dine in Quebec

Quebec offers some of the best dining choices in Canada. Don’t miss out on these fabulous culinary experiences. Get a reward card today and begin earning points, discounts and rewards toward wining and dining in one or more of the following five recommendable restaurants in Quebec.

Le Cheval de Jade

One of Quebec’s most loved restaurants is Le Cheval de Jade. Located on Saint-Jovite steet in Mont Tremblant, this charming, 1926 ancestral cottage restaurant is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or special occasion. Specializing in French cuisine, this restaurant offers candlelit dinners consisting of 300 year old registered recipes. With dishes like duck roasted in pear and port wine, grilled Alberta beef filet mignon or seared scallops in savoury sauce accompanied with a fine wine choice, diners will not be disappointed.

For the best in Italian cuisine, Quattro is the place. Located at Notre-Dame West in Montreal, Quattro offers a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere, good wine selection and scrumptious dishes. From the buffalo mozzarella to the grilled octopus to the chocolate souffle dessert, diners can all agree that Quattro is one of Montreal’s best.
Chalet Bar-B-Q

Quite simply, it is the food that rates Chalet Bar-B-Q one of Montreal’s most popular restaurants. Specializing in flavorful, succulent chicken with perfect barbecue sauce and a variety of good side dishes, Chalet Bar-B-Q encourages diners to come with an empty stomach. Leave room for the delicious Boston cream pie or chocolate cake.


Big things come in small packages and that could not be more true for the Toroli restaurant. A small building off of St. Denis in Montreal, Toroli pleases in a huge way making it one of Quebec’s popular restaurants. Offering a clean, elegant setting, Toroli specialized in delicious Japanese and Asian fare. Diners can enjoy beautifully presented dishes such as white tuna in yuzu sauce or duck in caramelized apples completed by a delightful black seed ice cream dessert.

Le Grain de Sel

Situated on Saint Catherine street in Montreal is the highly recommended Le Grain de Sel restaurant specializing in French cuisine. A cozy, comfortable ambiance, attentive service and superb food where every plate is unique and fresh is what keeps diners coming back again and again. Begin with freshly made bread and an appetizer of escargots in garlic cream followed by smoked organic pork shoulder and topped off with a lemon mousse dessert.