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Pink Pillow and Blanket Set for Baby

It’s Pink Fridays and I have another pink item to share. My baby’s Pink Pillow and Blanket. I bought this when we went to Davao City to shop.

I love this one because the design is simple and the colors are easy on my eyes. Aside from that, I can easily check out if there are ants near my baby because there are no dark colors mixed with the blanket and pillow.

Baby’s Crib

When we went to Davao City to shop for baby clothes and baby needs, we saw this cute little crib that is well-suited for a baby girl.
My heart jumped when I saw it, I really want to buy it though I don’t need it because Jb’s crib is still in good condition. This one is so cute, so fit for a baby girl but I just can’t buy. Somehow I was able to control my shopping impulse to buy something that I just want but I don’t need.