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Baby Walker for my Baby Daughter

We went shopping last Thursday at SM-Davao City for Chicay’s needs. I will share with you first her Baby Walker. I was hoping that my cousin who borrowed JB’s walker would return it but sadly he didn’t bother, so instead of forcing him to return it, we decided to buy a new walker for Chicay.

My budget was around $50 but we go over it simply because the baby walker that costs less than or equal to our budget didn’t pass our standards. I want only the best for my daughter and I don’t want to settle for anything less, so we decided to buy this 3-in-1 baby walker that costs around $90. You might say, it was a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

Plus we got a freebie from Baby Company. Shoppers can get a Free Mini Digital Photo Frame for a minimum single-receipt purchase worth 3,000php. Here it is:
I am glad the sales lady gave me the pink one it would look lovely on my bag and yes, I will download all the beautiful photos of my kids. It has an 8 gig memory plus the battery can be recharged through my laptop.

Pink Fridays : Chic Pink Blanket

Pink Friday once again and of course, I have my share for this MEME. I want to share this cute little blanket of my Baby G, a gift from her godmother Hunny. This is one pretty and chic pink blanket that she bought while shopping at the mall.

So cute and every time I see this blanket and read the writings on it, I always smile. Why? Because I am a a huge fan of “The Powerpuff girls”, if I have the time, I still want to watch them now.