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Pink Fridays : Pink Carter’s Pair

Pink Fridays again, hello fellow PF posters. I am here to share a beautiful pair of baby clothes that my Baby G received from Mommy Peh. This is the cutesy Carter’s baby pair that we have received:

And here is my baby G wearing the pair:

She is really cute wearing it.

Baby Needs

Aside from the baby clothes, baby diapers and other baby stuffs I have blogged about, I also bought these baby needs when we went to Davao City.

I bought a nail cutter for baby which I surely need. I also bought a cleaning brush for her baby bottles, one baby bottle, a nasal aspirator which is a great help because she doesn’t know how to sneeze on her own just yet. A set of hair brush and comb for her pretty short hair. And a toy, yes she can’t play with it just yet but I get too excited when I was shopping and I just bought it.


Tiny Little Hands

This picture was taken using my iPhone 4S.

I took it while we were still in the hospital, just after I gave birth to my little baby girl. I would treasure this photo forever simply because it shows love and affection of a mother to her daughter, doesn’t it? And watching this picture every now and then, makes me realize how lucky I am to be her mother.