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Pink Fridays #5 – Pink Backpack

For today’s Pink Fridays I am gonna share this long overdue post that I should have written eons of years ago. This is my pretty in Pink Backpack.

Got this backpack from Fedhz, nope it was not a gift. I bought it, secondhand. I have been longing for a backpack that could carry my laptop around so when Fedhz offered me this, I just couldn’t say NO. The backpack is so pretty in it matches some of my t-shirts plus my new Havaianas slippers that is soooo PINK.

TNF Headwall – Father’s Day Gift

Last June 19, 2011 was this year’s Father’s Day and after searching high and low for the perfect Father’s Day gift, it came knocking on my email. Fedhz is selling Mike’s TNF Headwall backpack and my bf is planning to buy one. Instead I tell him that he can still use his old backpack though he obviously needs a new one. And then I paid for the backpack and thanks God it arrived on time for the Father’s Day.

Moreover because I am buying it, I tried to check what the features of this backpack are and if ever it is well suited for my dear bf. I found out that it is designed with a padded Airmesh back panel, PE sheet for extra back support and it has two large front pockets. This backpack is very useful for traveling.

Fedhz has sent a pack of polvoron with the backpack, she is full of surprises. Thank you Fedhz for making my day, you know I am an addict for your polvoron.

Backpack – Genova Brand

When I was young, I never used girl bags, instead I am into backpacks. And now that I am a bit older, I seem to fancy trendy ladies bags but i still could not take off my eyes from backpacks.

This one right here is another one of my hauls from the Ukay-Ukay shop. It costs me around $5 again because it is sold for 200php. I like this one because it fits perfectly for my son, JB, and he would love to put all his important belongings in it, like his PSP, PSP UMDs, and his color pens.

I didn’t know that brand new Genova backpacks costs a lot of money until I searched it in Google. Oh Boy, this is indeed a great find for me.