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Five Top Reasons To Tote A Tote

Just when you thought you couldn’t think of one more reason to have another tote bag in your closet collection, here are a few more we think you’ll discover interesting–and useful as well. Gone are the days when a tote bag was one of the least distinguished handbags, and ugliest, that an elderly lady could carry around.

Today, thanks to the nature of the proverbial Internet marketing beast and its many trends, web site visitors can browse at their leisure looking at the latest in tote bag collections. At quality online stores, such as Tote Bags 4 You, you’ll see why we can give you several ideas to make you want to run out, and order a bunch for your family members, friends and co-workers or employees.

Fashion Accessory:

Not every tote bag has to be made of canvas material. If you want style, then leather tote bags are the way to go. Whether you get magnificent tote bags with designer labels, or without, you can get well-made, quality tote bags from boutiques, department stores or even supermarkets, in some cases.

Functional and Versatile:

Whether you use them as a fashion statement or not, they have millions of uses. If you use them as leisure bags at the beach, at shopping malls as a carry-all, as gym bags, work bags, knitting bags, laptop bags and even just to carry a picnic lunch, you’ll just continue to find a myriad of excuses to get another new one.

Large Size:

Being that they’re big and roomy, and many carry several inside compartments, they can hold a huge amount of personal items.


A variety of materials, such as leather, vinyl, fabric or just plain canvas, guarantees that they’ll be perfectly acceptable in almost any place you take them. The many different colors, patterns and designs are other bonus points you get when you go the tote bag route.

Great Promotional Gifts:

Being that they’re durable, re-usable and relatively affordable, a promotional tote bag is the perfect solution to branding your company, organization, event or even to make a personal statement of your values or beliefs.

Whatever the purpose for you having and using a tote bag, be sure to know for what you’re going to use it on what occasions. Obviously, gals just plain love them; however, they also make carrying stuff around easy for the guys as well. Just throw in any overnight clothing, gym cloths, a laptop or old school books, and he’s good to go!

Visit these online stores now, and experience a practical, affordable way to just carry whatever you need–and make a statement while you’re at it.

Red Flats and Red Bag

My mom just got home from Bohol, and she has gifts for me. I love my mother so much because she knows what I want to receive from her.

Here is a photo of her gifts to me:

The red flats are made from Brazil, it is not Havaianas nor Ipanema, it is Caribbean. According to the little tag attached to it, this product is made from 100% recyclable materials. So this one is eco-friendly then.

The red bag is also a gift from my mother, she said that she took the freedom of buying it to pair with the red flats.

Travel Luggage

One important thing that you should have if you love to travel is to invest in a durable travel luggage.Whenever I visited the mall, I always check on the luggage store, they sell branded bags and luggage and sometimes I ask myself if it is really worth it. The prices ranges from 4000php to 15000php and it is really worth it.

You need to invest in a travel bag or travel luggage that is durable, has a size that could fit all your travel needs, and light weight. Though the travel bag that you have chosen is quite expensive, it’s worth it because you can benefit from it. Its usage will last longer than a travel bag that is just a copy (we all have fake travel bags sold anywhere thinking that its okay to buy cheap ones), and you can rely on its durability. I can still remember when one of my colleagues travel luggage was broken during our travel to Malaysia, and all her things flew all over the airport’s baggage counter.

If you always travel on planes, you need a travel bag that has wheels, its easier to bring around into different places when you travel local or international. If you always travel on land and foot, try to have a back pack ready to use always.