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Guess Baby

My baby daughter is a Guess Baby in this photo because her godmother gave her a cute little Guess skirt during her birthday and another friend gave her the Guess blouse she’s wearing. I am not into branded clothes but I am thankful that there are people who cared for my baby daughter so much that they indulge her into these luxuries.


GT: Best Birthday Gift

For today’s Girl’s Talk topic I would like to share the early gift I have receive for my coming birthday, a Labrador Puppy.

Yes, the BF gave me this cute little puppy as a birthday present for my coming birthday. I am a dog-lover and I never had a good breed of dogs before, I only have what we call “askal”. So, I am so happy and yes she is the best birthday gift I have ever received. We call her “Bebang” and go figure out why we call her such.

Jb’s birthday gifts

Yesterday was Jb’s 4th Birthday and I can’t stop talking all about it. The children’s party will be held on Easter Sunday but we also prepare a little “salu-salo” here in the house for the whole family.

Jb received many gifts yesterday, a transformer (from robot to car and vice versa) toy, money from a blogger friend of mine, and a lot of toys from me ( I am his mom, remember?). Though Jb haven’t received baseball gifts, he is too small for those things yet, I am planning of buying one 6 from now I guess. Instead Jb enjoys his basketball ring and balls.