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Goodbye July, Hello August

Goodbye July, let us all welcome August! Time flies so fast, last January I couldn’t wait for July because it is my birth month. Then today I am saying Hello to the month of August.

July is one of the best months of my life every year because it is my birth month. It is the month where I celebrated my birthday. When I was young, my parents always spend so much money on my birthday. But now that I am getting older, I realize that its not how much you spend that matters, it is the people whom you celebrate your birthday with. Last month, we just had a simple dinner with the family and I slept well with a smile in my face.

GT: Best Birthday Ever

For the PAST 26 years in my life, I cannot choose when my Best Birthday Ever was because every year I spend my birthdays differently.
When I was in grade school, my mom used to prepare two parties for my birthday, one at school and one at our home. Imagine how expensive it was, aside from the fact that my birthday happens on a lean month. Of course a roast pig is always present; I cannot remember any birthday that there is no “Lechon Baboy” on the table.

I cannot choose my 18th birthday because I didn’t have a bonggacious Debut, no 18 roses, no 18 candles, and no cotillions. But my father has prepared two roasted pig plus one pig which is cooked for other viands.

Maybe I will just choose my birthday that I had celebrated last week. The people were chosen and I have spent it so uniquely, I have a little party at Greenwich Valencia and we also had a little food salu-salo in our home. I have spent my birthday with people close to my heart so that makes it so special.

My Birthday was a Blast

Yesterday was my birthday and we celebrated it at Greenwich, Valencia. We had reservations good for 20 people and I had a BLAST. Though it was my first time to celebrate my birthday in a fast food chain, it was still GREAT. I mean, hey, most of my birthdays are celebrated in our house with so many guests and relatives, but this time it was different.

We had 2 pizza squares (Greenwich Special Overload, our favorite and Ham and Cheese overload), we also ordered 18 – 1pc chicken joy with rice and spaghetti plus 3 tropicoolers for the kids. And while we were eating I have thought about birthday gifts I wish I could receive for my birthday such as a Nikon D7000, a MacBook Pro for a change, and maybe a curt trailer hitches for our trucks/pickups. Yeah, I know, I have those wildest gift ideas.

Though it was not that “bongga”, I could still say that I have enjoyed it. I celebrated my birthday with my family and my boyfriend’s family, and some of our dear friends. What matters most in life is not how much you spend for a party but who you spend it with.

GT: Wish for Birthday This Year

Today is my BIRTHDAY and today’s topic for Girl’s Talk is my wish for my birthday this year. I have a very long list of wish and I would like to share them with you.

For my material needs, I wish for my laptop to be repaired. I don’t want a MBP, a Sony Vaio laptop, or any other costly laptops available, I just want my old Acer Aspire 4745G laptop back. I had it since June 11, 2011 last year and I have met so many good friends online through it, I also learned a lot from blogging through it and I have earned some $$$ aside from winning different online contests through it. I also wish for a DSLR, yes I have been longing for a Nikon D7000 for so long now but I cannot afford it yet. So maybe, somebody close to me will gave me a DSLR if he or she reads this post.

Aside from the ones listed above, I wish for a happy and peaceful life. I am happy now, and somewhat peaceful but there are still things in my life that needs to be fix. I just hope everything will be alright already so I can have a peace of mind.

Happy Girl’s Talk everyone.

GT: Best Birthday Gift

For today’s Girl’s Talk topic I would like to share the early gift I have receive for my coming birthday, a Labrador Puppy.

Yes, the BF gave me this cute little puppy as a birthday present for my coming birthday. I am a dog-lover and I never had a good breed of dogs before, I only have what we call “askal”. So, I am so happy and yes she is the best birthday gift I have ever received. We call her “Bebang” and go figure out why we call her such.