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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan 23

I have missed WBFC because I have a super-sloooow internet connection and and I was so busy with what has happened in our town. I want to join this week’s WBFC and for this week, we have Pink Memoirs and Postcard Enthusiast as our sponsors.

For this week, we need to LIKE each other’s FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and you need to click Stylish Voyager to find mine.

So, welcome to my post, please leave a message if you are done liking my page. Rest assured I will like yours too.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #15

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan again! And of course, this week, we need to FOLLOW other blog sites through GFC. I am joining this one and hoping to get referrals too, there is a little twist in this week’s WBFC. If I can get a lot of referrals, I will win $5 from PinayMommyOnline.

To all participants, welcome to my Fashion and Travel Blog. You can leave your comment here in my welcome post. And to all bloggers who have not joined this caravan yet, please do join and leave a comment telling them that it is I who referred you:)

But first, I need to entice you to join right? As a blogger, I know that it is so hard to get many followers with our GFC, why? because some people don’t know what it is all about and some bloggers are busy with their GFC telling people to follow them. This is an easy way of meeting new friends, blogging friends, and having new blog followers. So that is why you need to join:)

ZoWanderer is Down

ZoWanderer has been down for almost a week now; I have lost count of the days. I am sad because I don’t have a back up of this site yet. I didn’t know how to do it, thanks to my lazy self for not learning what NOOB’s needed to learn.

I am still crossing my fingers that the server will be up and running again in order for me to be at peace and I will really try to learn how to do that back up thing.

I have made a mistake of not doing the most important thing in blogging: BACK UP your files. So before anything happens to this other blog of mine, I think I will study how to do it now.