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GT: Where’d My Money Go

I think I have spent so much on gifts, I believe. Gifts for my son, my brothers, my loved-ones ;). And I don’t care if I have to spend all my online earnings to them. I have also spend a great deal of money to our vacations, we have traveled a lot for this year although it is just within our country, the Philippines, we enjoyed it so much and we treasured every moment of it.

Aside from that I have bought a new camera, a Canon 450D from my earnings too. Moreover I have spent a hefty sum on a new business venture too. I will share about it when it is finished already.

Different House Buildings

I have been into different places, local and international. I have stayed in different hotels and inns but I have never tried sleeping in metal building. When I went to Asian countries, all I have seen are houses made of wood or made of concretes. I still have not seen any difference in my country. Most houses here even rest houses in farm lots are made of wood and hollow blocks.

I want to visit some other places that have different houses, like Japan who had paper houses and like in Atlantic where in they had Igloos. Ohhh when will I be able to go to those places for a change.