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New Year, New Travel Plans

Last year I was not able to visit other countries other than my own but it was still a travel year for me. I went to Manila, Tagaytay, Cebu, Bohol, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro with my boyfriend. We visited some tourist spots and we enjoyed our time staying in some hotels.

One thing I could not forget was our Enchanted Kingdom and Ocean Park adventure. It was my first time to visit such great places in the Philippines last year and it was a blast. I realized that I don’t need to go abroad just to experience such tourist spots, though they don’t give out plastic business card as remembrance.

Another unforgettable experience last year was our Cebu-Bohol vacation with the kids. Aside from enjoying our time in the hotel, we also did enjoy our land trips and visits to different local and tourist spots in the province.

For this year, as early as now, I am planning our travels for this year to be able to enjoy our time to the fullest.

Cebu at a Glance

When we visited Cebu last May, we were able to visit my Mother’s aunt whom we call Lola Ynez. I can still remember the time when I was young and though I am not her direct “Apo” because she is just a sister of my Grandma, she still shows me her love and care as she does with her other “apos”. My second-degree cousin Daryl is staying with her with a caregiver and when I went to Daryl’s bed room I saw his old monitors and his selling it.

I enjoyed my visit together with my Grandma Ynez we went to Tita Helen’s house which is overlooking Cebu City. We even had our picture taken for proof.

Taoist Temple

Because we are in Cebu,we do not want to miss the famous Taoist Temple in Cebu so we headed there after eating our lunch at Ayala. It was far but it was worth it. The temple was said to be built in 1972 and is one of the famous tourist spots in Cebu.

These are the pictures I have taken while we were at the place:

The World’s First Edge Coaster

I SURVIVED. Yes, when we went to Cebu last week for our long-awaited vacation, we ride the world’s first Edge Coaster ride at Crown Regency. I do not want to miss it for the world so I put all my hesitations in a bag and throw it away, stand up and went straight to the edge coaster. Though the weather is not fine and it was raining so hard before we went up, we still did it. At first I was hesitant to try it because I have seen that they do not have laminate flooring and it got me scared.

I have to scan the pictures that we have when we were riding the edge coaster so I can upload it here. Cameras are not allowed inside you know and it makes me sad. So, I need to be contented with the picture above I guess.


We went to Cebu last week and we had a blast. For those who have read my posts earlier this May, you probably know that I have bought a package in Ensogo.com.ph for a 3D/2N stay at Crown Regency Hotel.

We did enjoy our time together and we have so much FUN. As for now, I want to share with you about the pictures below. This is located in Cebu, and they call the place TOPS. Why? Because it is located at the top of the mountain and overlooking the city. Aside from that, you can make your wish when you ring the bell. There is an instruction beside the bell.