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Holiday Shopping for Christmas Gifts

Shopping is something we always do, right girls? My life will not be complete without shopping malls. And because Christmas is fast approaching, yes, as in super-fast, like 8 days to go and the kids will come knocking at my door asking for Christmas Gifts. Having shopping malls make my life easier and one thing I have noticed when I shop is the way the cashier checks out the prices of the things I bought, with the help of barcode scanner it is easy for them to charge us with all the things we are going to buy.

Gone are the days when the cashiers needs to type in the cash register all the things we bought plus the prices that comes with it, they just let the scanner scan the bar code and voila, it’s like magic, it automatically enters into the computer.

Back to my holiday shopping spree, I bought a lot of kid stuff as gifts (well, Christmas is gift-giving) which includes but are not limited to collapsible water container, barbie dolls, baby clothing and little trucks/cars.

My god children would definitely love them, I hope so.

Christmas Wish List – Changes

Everybody makes a wish list for Christmas, who doesn’t? And I made a summary of something I used to have in my wish list from the time I have learned to write.

When I was 7 years old up to 12 years old I used to have these things in my wish list:

• Board Games – Snake and ladder, Scrabble, Monopoly
• Dolls – be it Barbie or not, big and small
• Doll house – the ones you can buy at the stores or personally made
• Hula hoops – and I never had one up until now

And when I became a teenager, around 13 years old to 17 years old I wish I could have:
• Paper stationery – which is unique or different because I collect them and I still have them now
• Clothing – any piece of clothing, be it a t-shirt, a dress, or jeans
• Books – Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys are my favorite back then, I also used to love Sweet Valley High
• Stuff Toys – I also loved to collect stuff toys at this age

My wants and needs became oddly different as the time goes by. Maybe this is what life is all about, changes, but I have never tried wishing for a home depot coupons. And now my wishes for this Christmas, now that I am in my twenties are:
• Gadgets – iPad, iPod, MBP, or a new lens for my DSLR
• Clothing – womens lingerie, little black dress, party dresses
• Shoes – stilettos
• Jewelleries – gold and silver jewellery, fashion jewellery

Christmas is in the Air in SM-CDO

I can finally see it, the Christmas Spirit, and I thought I can only feel it. We went to SM- Cagayan de Oro to buy Tpai’s needs such as snacks, new socks, t-shirts and the likes. And we took a picture here:

SM – Cagayan de Oro is sporting a new-look and that is the Christmas Look. Red is all over the mall, aside from the Christmas lights that goes off and on unlike location voiture martinique
wherein it never goes off the net. I love the sofa they have put in the center of the mall where mall-goers can pose and take some pictures as a remembrance. Come Christmas Day and Santa Claus most probably will sit here waiting for some kids who wants to have their picture taken with him.

Christmas FOOD

I can hear Christmas songs on the radio lately and this can only mean one thing, Christmas Spirit is finally here. Here in the Philippines, we usually prepare a sumptuous dinner for the whole family during Christmas Eve. If we have a bounty harvest for that year, my parents would have roasted pig, roasted chicken, ham, beef steak and sweet and sour pork. Aside from that we also prepare desserts and sweets because most guests’ loves to eat them, the kids also love them. I used to prepare mango float, fruit salad, leche flan, and spaghetti, but this year I would love to try having Shari’s Beries because they look delicious and tasty. I have checked out their site and they offer a lot of delicacy at a very affordable price too. Moreover, the children would really love to have and eat them because they are colourful and look yummy and sweet.


Party Invitations

Christmas is fast-approaching and I guess everybody is getting themselves ready for the parties to come. I mean, hey, Christmas will not be perfect if we don’t have to celebrate different Christmas Parties with our family, loved-ones and friends. Christmas Parties are everywhere; we celebrate it at school, at work, at our home. We even celebrate it at hospitals, at our farms and ranches.

But of course, we need to prepare for such parties in order for it to be successful and full of fun. We need to think about what kind of party invitations we should make, we could try wine party invitations for a change. We also need to think of what kinds of food we need to prepare or order at the catering services. Aside from that, the party venue should also be taken care of in order to have the perfect Christmas Party.

Christmas Party, big or small, should be well taken-care of and one good way of having it well-prepared is to think and gather ideas for it ahead of time.