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Crown Regency Hotel Aquafun

Children love water and they love to stay in the water. This is a fact that I always keep on my mind. So when I prepare for a vacation, I always see to it that the place where we are going to stay has a POOL. The good thing about Crown Regency Hotel is that they have an inside and outside pool. I prefer the pool inside the hotel because the kids could play and enjoy the water without heat from the sun.
In the pictures below you could see that the kids are enjoying their precious time with the water. I think they have spent 3 hours inside the pool without getting rest. That is how much they love the water.
Top Three Things to bring when you are on vacation with the kids:
• Swimsuits/Swimming trunks
• Floater
• Extra dress
This is for the Swimming Purposes only.


I Survived!!!

This is maybe just a picture but YES, I SURVIVED the Philippine’s first Skywalk Extreme at Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu. When I bought the adventour package at Ensogo I really checked if the package includes the Skywalk in order not to miss it during or vacation. Though it was raining that night, I am glad that it stopped when we were on the top already because I do not want to miss that opportunity. I am already in Cebu and I am staying in the world’s famous Crown Regency Hotel, so why should I miss the Skywalk?

At first I was scared because the other people who are next to us are so nervous but when I was outside already, I love it! I love the view, I love walking at the top most building in the Philippines and I love everything about the adventure. If ever you are in Cebu, TRY IT!

The World’s First Edge Coaster

I SURVIVED. Yes, when we went to Cebu last week for our long-awaited vacation, we ride the world’s first Edge Coaster ride at Crown Regency. I do not want to miss it for the world so I put all my hesitations in a bag and throw it away, stand up and went straight to the edge coaster. Though the weather is not fine and it was raining so hard before we went up, we still did it. At first I was hesitant to try it because I have seen that they do not have laminate flooring and it got me scared.

I have to scan the pictures that we have when we were riding the edge coaster so I can upload it here. Cameras are not allowed inside you know and it makes me sad. So, I need to be contented with the picture above I guess.