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My Classmate’s Wedding

I love to attend wedding events simply because weddings make my heart leap for joy knowing that there are still people, in this day and age, who believes in happy ever after or are still willing to tie the knot and be with someone they love for the rest of their lives. My classmates, John and Phoebe, invited me for their wedding celebration last year and I obliged.

I went to the event wearing this beautiful pink lace-dress and matched it with my open-toes high heels shoes from Payless (which I bought on SALE). I am not a make-up beauty junkee, but I prefer to have a light make up on when attending events. I am glad that I had this make-up for free because my friend who teaches make-up classes needs models for his students. So I got a free make-up session just before the wedding.


John and Phoebe had been college sweethearts and I have seen in my own two eyes their undying love for each other. I am glad that I attended their wedding rites because I know that what they have is true and the only thing missing in their lives are their wedding vows. CONGRATULATIONS John and Phoebe! Thank you for making us believe that true love still exist.

Dress from the US

During my stay in Bohol for my Lola Azon’s wake, my Aunt from the States gave this to my Mom:
Actually, she didn’t think of me when she bought this dress in the US, she just said to my mom that whoever fits this dress can have it (she bought it on sale, she said) and luckily it fits me perfectly.
So when I wore it, she told me that maybe God has plans for the dress already because I am one of the few people who are trying to re-build our ancestral home in Bohol and that this is really for me.
I love the clothe, the style and the cuts of this dress and I know someday I will wear it again for a more proper event in my life.

Dressing up for a Wedding

Yes, I love to dress up especially for Weddings. You see, it is the only time that I could wear dresses without feeling like I came from the other end of the World.

I live in a rural area and women here doesn’t wear dresses for ordinary days. Shirts and jeans are the usual get up here.

So this is me for Stan and Marie’s wedding: