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JB in Black and White

I am still no GOOD at taking pictures using my DSLR camera but then again, I’m still trying playing with it.

Here is a black and white picture of my son using my Canon 450D.

Yeah, yeah, this isn’t the best one out there, but I guess the subject makes it tick. Isn’t it?

Canon 450D – My DSLR

I know, i know. I have said that I do not have the budget to buy a DSLR yet but i just couldn’t turn down my friend’s offer. She is selling her Canon 450D, two months old, because she needs the money ASAP for a very cheap/affordable price. I thought I was buying a digital camera when she told me how much her price for her Canon 450D.  These pictures were actually taken by my friend and she shared it in her Facebook tagging me.

I own this DSLR Canon 450D now and I am enjoying my time using and practicing with it. As of now, I am reading the manual that came free with the set. And EXPECT more beautiful pictures from me, sissies:)

I cannot wait to share my travel and fashion pictures in this blog especially now that I have finally bought a DSLR to use.

Nikon D7000

I have been thinking for the longest time already to buy a DSLR camera. But due to budget constraints, I still have no DSLR. I am weighing the PROS and CONS of owning one and I have been thinking about the cost-benefit of this action. I really want to have Nikon D7000 and every time I went to the Malls I always visit stores which sell DSLRs and watch the camera more closely.

I have been reading a lot about Nikon D7000 and I didn’t quite understand every little spec about it. Forgive me; I am just a photo-enthusiast. But I really want to learn what photography is and I know that I should get to know more about my camera aside from the fact that it needs a Nikon camera batteries.

I have also asked my mom and boyfriend whether I should get one myself or not. Though there answers will probably still depend on me because if I really want and need it, then perhaps even though they will say no, I will still buy one.