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Wearing Equestrian Helmets for Fashion

Few years ago, helmets and fashion style is not the words that anyone would associate with. However, because of the tremendous change of fashion and entertainment, designs and styles of helmets have become a reflection to one’s personal trademark and choice. Because of this, helmet has become a fashion trend, globally.

I believe that new styles and fashion are always important even if you are just on your sports or normal, everyday attire. In my own perspective, helmets are really dull, boring and unattractive, which could make you look like a dork. However, a large section of riders or cyclist wanted to make a fashion statement with equestrian helmets, even if they do not intend to ride horses. This is because they wanted it to complement to their look, and be unique from others. This has changed my perception to helmets, and I think it is really very classy and fashionable to look at. Maybe, I should wear one!

Equestrian Outfits

Yesterday, I was watching PBO (Pinoy Box Office), a TV channel available here in the Philippines only and I am quite astonished by Mikee Cojuangco’s acting. Sometimes her hobby is included in the setting or in the movie. She is an equestrian in real life and I love the way she moves inside the arena (if that is what people call it).

Her equestrian outfits are so cool paired with her equestrian helmets. I don’t know if I can carry such outfit like she do and I also do not think that I can manage to ride a horse and let it gallop or jump high with me riding on it.