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OOTD: Freeway top plus skinny jeans

OOTD (outfit of the day) is this Freeway Top paired with my new skinny jeans plus wedges and a vintage necklace. I didn’t know that wearing this would turn a lot of heads towards my direction (LOL).

I have said goodbye to my slippers and flats because I don’t think they will look good on me when I am wearing my new clothes which is quite formal-looking. So expect a lot of OOTDs from me from now on.


Fashion Jewelleries

I started to love fashion jewelleries when I was in grade school. I have a cousin who I share the same first name with, and she is good at making fashion jewelleries, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces. She used to give me different style of fashion jewelleries as gifts so I kind of getting the hang of wearing them every day. I wore different necklaces and earrings for different occasions, and sometimes I wear them depending on my mood or in my outfit.

But there is one thing that I would really love to have because it never goes out of style and it is always fashionable to wear and that is diamond necklaces. Yes, I know that they are quite expensive compare to the ones I have, I think the most expensive necklace I ever own is my gold-chained necklace, but I would really love to own one in the near or far future.

As of now, I will be contented wearing my fashion jewelleries to different events that I go to,  I know if I could afford to have my dream diamond necklace, I could wear it with pride paired with a black long gown.

Fashionable Nurses

As I was checking the World Wide Web out, I happen to drop by at this site : http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/ and I was astonished when I see nursing scrubs for Women that are so fashionable and trendy. I thought nurses only wear dull, white nursing scrubs and nursing uniforms when they go to the hospital and do their work, it was my perception up until I learned about this site though.

I was sort of shocked when I see that a nurse don’t have to spend too much just to wear it because there are cheap scrubs available online. I mean hey, I thought being in style is expensive especially if it is worn into your work. The last time I checked, coat and ties are so expensive that the only people who can afford it are those who are VPs in big companies.

Now that I have learned all about this, I will probably share this sites to my cousins who are nurses and nursing students so they could get to wear those amazing nursing scrubs and look beautiful than ever.