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Sample Room Loot

Here is another loot that I ordered from Sample Room for FREE. All I have to do is to pay for the shipping fee.
After trying these beauty products, I realized that I really needed them. This is my first time to use Celeteque’s Brightening and I can say that it is really effective. It evens out my skin tone and brightens it as well. As for the Gluta-C facial day cream, it has a great effect on my face too. No acne’s and pimples so i guess it is good to go.

My FIRMOO Sunglasses

A package arrived at my doorstep, and I have been waiting for this. Because of the fuzz going around the blogging world about the customs asking for a big amount of money in exchange for our packages, I was hesitant to receive it. But then again, our mailman only asked me for 50php as payment for the package, so I pay for it.

These are the sunglasses I have chosen and I am glad that Firmoo have send the sunglasses that I liked. Two of the sunglasses are for men, and the other two are for women. I am glad that my bf and my son liked the men’s sunglasses and my mom loved the other sunglass for women.