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Pay It Forward 2013

Last year, I have joined the Pay-It-Forward challenge in Facebook. Sadly, because of my busy schedule I was not able to send my gifts to the two people who committed to take up the challenge too. But I am glad that just this month I was able to fulfill my promise to them.

I also received the gift for me from a blogging friend who also took up the challenge last year. A pair of Caribbean slippers/sandals and the box that I have been longing for.

Thank You Mommy Levy.

Dress from the US

During my stay in Bohol for my Lola Azon’s wake, my Aunt from the States gave this to my Mom:
Actually, she didn’t think of me when she bought this dress in the US, she just said to my mom that whoever fits this dress can have it (she bought it on sale, she said) and luckily it fits me perfectly.
So when I wore it, she told me that maybe God has plans for the dress already because I am one of the few people who are trying to re-build our ancestral home in Bohol and that this is really for me.
I love the clothe, the style and the cuts of this dress and I know someday I will wear it again for a more proper event in my life.

Hello Wedge!



Say hello to my wedge shoes!

I finally got one courtesy of my mom; yes, she bought me one from Rusty Lopez at Php 799! So, I better get used to wearing these shoes. And for a flip flop/flats person like me, I just hope that I can last the entire day without switching to my comfortable pair. Wish me luck!