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Happy Mother’s Day Mama Charito

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day at Steves Grill, Valencia City. There are 365 days in a year and we only thank our Moms for their hardwork in raising us and in taking care of us for one day. When we were young, we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, I do not know why, maybe because we cannot afford it yet and we (Mama Charito’s Kids) do not have an income yet. But now that we have our own salary and income we always make our Mother feel that she is special to us. We are so lucky to have her as our Mom and her grandchildren are much luckier because they have her.

She is the best mother in the whole world for us because she endured everything just to make us feel loved and to let us have the life we deserve. And on yesterday, we made her feel that she is lucky to have us.

Here are some photos during yesterday’s Mother’s Day Celebration (1. My daughter holding a bouquet of flowers for her grandma and 2. My son holding a cake for his grandma).


Two weeks ago, I was searching online for the perfect gift for my Mom, I was checking out different online stores and shops because it is way much easier and I have lots of choices than visiting different malls. Most online stores and shops has an on-going Mother’s Day SALE so I was enticed to check them all out. I saw these gorgeous skirts and I know my Mom would love to have them on her closet and probably wear it anytime she wants.
unnamedHAPPY MOTHER’s Day Mama!!! Thank you for everything, I know these things cannot re-pay the amount of time, effort and love you have given us, but I hope somehow these things make you feel a little bit special.

Ideal Gifts for Mothers

When I was young, it was hard for me to choose what kind of gifts should I buy for my mom. But I think she is thankful for whatever I gave her because in my heart I gave it with full of love and respect for her. I believe I am thoughtful and I get it from her. I gave my mom a lot of cards and letters when I was a little girl. I also used to give her cards made of cross-stitch.

Now that I am a mother myself, I realized what are ideal gifts I should buy for my mother. Ideal gifts for mothers like me are things that we can use and we really  need. Before, I used to buy mugs and cute pillows for mom’s birthday but  now I buy her bags and sandals or slippers because she needs it more than the  mugs (yes, she is a coffee-addict but she only needs one mug for her cup of coffee I believe).

Nowadays, I can easily check out great Gifts for Mum online because of The White Company, a site who offers a lot of great gift ideas for mothers.