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Say “Happy Father’s Day” with a GIFT

Our mother had their blast last May 12 I believe, and so we should start saving up for Father’s Day to celebrate it with our Dads! Have you been thinking what to buy for your dads already? If you haven’t think of anything yet, just check this gift ideas I have written here and you might just find the right gift for your father!

A gadget maybe perfect for your dad if he is into technology. Most men these days are techy so they can  appreciate the gift if its more technology related. A good tablet can be perfect or perhaps a new smart phone to fix his busy schedule.

A pbone is perfect for musically inclined dads. He will love it with all his heart and ye, he will definitely not forget the daughter or son that gave it to him.

A car accessory can be the right gift for your dad if he has a car which needs a new accessory. And if you cannot afford tire rims, you can try buying him a new car seat which I think is way cheaper than the tire rims.

Guess Baby

My baby daughter is a Guess Baby in this photo because her godmother gave her a cute little Guess skirt during her birthday and another friend gave her the Guess blouse she’s wearing. I am not into branded clothes but I am thankful that there are people who cared for my baby daughter so much that they indulge her into these luxuries.


Graphic Tees and Expression Tees

Expression T-shirts and Graphic T-shirts are making its wave to young women these days. Whenever I go to the malls, blogger events and even street parties, I see a lot of people wearing T-shirts that has prints on them. I wonder if they have bought that particular T-shirt to express themselves or they have worn it just to be in style. Most of the people I mingle with wear music inspired T-shirts so I tried to search them online, I found this amazing website that sell music graphic tees for women and they are even on sale. I love Bob Marley so I checked out their T-shirts that have Bob Marley on it, and these are my top two choices:

I love that girl-next-door inspired look, so I’d go for t-shirts and jeans for my everyday work. I also like that Tube Top with Bob Marley on it; I’d still wear it for a walk in the beach or walk in the park. It’s getting HOT nowadays so Tube Tops are so great to wear for any day this in this hot month.

By the way, if you don’t like to wear such, your friends might want to wear these trendy Tees. These are perfect gifts and gags for your best friend, friends or cousins. They will forever be thankful for you that you have been so thoughtful for giving them such fashionable finds for this generation.