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GT: Something Old

It’s Thursday once again and so here I am making my post for Girl’s Talk. for this week’s topic is all about something old. And because we need to share about something old, I want to share about my old bestfriend, way back in highschool that I, up until now, consider as my bestfriend. She went to Japan to work when we were in College and we only met once a year or in every two years.

Last October she went home here in the Philippines to give birth, I hope that before this year ends I can go to Davao and meet her there because she lives in Davao now.

I guess, old feelings never change, even though we haven’t spend so much time together, we still consider each other as bestfriends for life.

GT: Something New

I miss Girl’s Talk and I miss the girls. I was so busy with my real life that I have no time to join MEMEs at my virtual world. As of now I am trying to divide my time in order to participate in all aspects of my life.

For this week, the GT’s topic is about something new, looking back, I realized that I have bought a lot of things this year, and aside from that owning 2 dogs as well. I have bought a new netbook and I have made a post why and when in my other blog.

My bf gave me two dogs, one for my birthday and the other one because he just want to. He gave me a Labrador Retriever and a Dachshund. It was something new for me because I only had “Askals” in our backyard as my pets not pure breeds.

Aside from that, I was into dressing up this year more than ever. I acquired a lot of dresses and gave up wearing the same old plain t-shirt and jeans.

GT: Wierd Word

I missed GT last week, thanks to my ISP that cannot be relied on. Now, I just don’t want to MISS GT again so I am here using my mobile broadband and thinking for that funniest or wierdiest word.

Hmmm let me think, I was thinking of words when my son JB was just starting to learn how to speak. The funniest word back then was “Am-Am”. When JB is hungry we know that he wants to eat something or drink his milk because he keeps on saying “Am-Am”.