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Panagatan Restaurant

Panagatan Restaurant in Cagayan de Oro is one of the best restaurant that I could recommend to tourists and friends. They serve only the best and aside from GOOD FOOD, they also have GOOD MUSIC and nice place to match it with. We are certified foodies and we always try different places to check out their best sellers that is why I can say that Panagatan is the best compared to other seafood restaurants that we have tried.
imageimageimageimageWe ordered Halaan Soup, Kinilaw and Buttered Gambas for this particular day and we are happy. Oh, we kept coming back for the Halaan Soup because other seafood restaurants doesn’t have it in their menus. You should try this place the next time you visit Cagayan de Oro. They have a branch in Centrio, Ayala Mall and the main branch is located in Opol, along the hiway.

GT: I would die for a Lechon right now

I have not eaten my breakfast yet and I am definitely hungry. Right now, I wanted to eat that crispy skin of a roasted pig. Check this little picture here:
Ohhhh, can you imagine yourself, munching those red-crispy skin of the lechon? Because I am salivating right now. This was taken last March 7, 2011 when my little “big” brother celebrated his 22nd birthday. For those who are outside the Philippines right now, I know this is one thing you really missed for being here in the Philippines.

GT: Eating Out in Pangantucan

Finally, December has come. I want to say Merry Christmas to all my sisters in the blog-universe out there.

This week’s topic for Girls Talk is Eat Out. Where do we usually dine out? I was thinking really hard because every time we go to the nearest City here in Bukidnon we always eat at Jollibee or Greenwich wherever my son, JB, wants to eat. But I realized that I should put something different, so I thought of posting about Raftsman, the only resto-bar here in my place. Why did I chose Raftsman? Simply because it is the only decent place where I can bring my friends who came from different places to visit me aside from the fact that they serve the most delicious Pancit and Kinilaw in the whole town.

The picture above are my two friends who just got married last July and came for a visit.

This is my post for this week’s topic for Girls Talk and I welcome you to my new home.