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Guitar for the Next Theme

As you have noticed, I have been recently posting about our photo shoot that was held before 2014 started.  Bangon Bohol Event was graced by amazing photographers and gorgeous models who willingly posed for the camera.

There were props used on the shoot; balloons, bench, cowboy hats, and even a guitar. I would’ve thought a guitar would be such a nice props for shooting photos. It makes a photo a lot like in country scene.

Perhaps I should request a country bar theme for our next session, where I am up on stage, singing with a band while we’re strumming our Yamaha Guitars for the audience. Such a great idea, right?

Guitar Accesories

I didn’t know that there are accessories that can be bought for your guitars. I own a guitar, though I don’t really know how to play it, which I think needs to have accessories.

Women loves to accessorize , when we go out to attend birthday parties, wedding and other events, we always match our dresses with our accessories. So the same goes with guitar and guitar accessories, one of the online shops where we could find these accessories is Gator Accessories guitar center.

I believe not only women are into accessories, Men also loves to buy different accessories for their things/belongings such as their Cars, Musical Instruments and even their rooms.