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Persian Red Nail Polish



It’s sizzling hot in the Philippines already because SUMMER is finally here but it will not stop me from sporting these “hot” Persian Red nail polish! I know that the weather is already hot and having a red colored nail polish will keep the temperature rising I believe.

Every girl wants to look beautiful everyday and of course being beautiful means we need to maintain not only our personal hygiene presentable but also by applying nail polish to our fingernails and toe nails. There are so many ways to make our nails beautiful today, there are glitters for nails and nail arts everywhere but nothing beats a beautifully curved and polished and well maintained nails.

Chowking Halo-Halo

Is it just me or the weather is getting hotter everyday? I can feel the summer heat already and I want to quench the hotness I feel! But how? I will tell you how, here is the answer to a hot weather:
IMG_5651Yes! Nothing beats Chowking Halo-Halo in making you feel cool with this kind of summer weather! Eating Chowking’s Halo-halo is one way of beating the summer heat and I know you would love to have a taste of this Halo-Halo too!