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Apple Addict

I am a Certified Apple Addict! The first time I owned an Apple product was March, last year. And from then on, my love for Apple Product didn’t fade. Look at all these BOXES:
IMG_5730I bought an Apple iPhone 4S for myself, my brother got his iPhone 4S too just last year and he upgraded his phone to iPhone 5 last month. My brother gave my 5 years old son an Apple iPad 2 as a gift last December and I bought an iPod touch 5th Gen for my baby daughter last January.

Apple must be so RICH now, because I have read in the news that most people are into Smart Phones and a lot of people have bought Apple iPhones last year (2012).

Pink Friday: Pink iPhone Case

I love PINK things and I just cannot take off my eyes from this iPhone 4S case when I saw it in a store in the City. This is a MELT case and I don’t know if it is the original one, I paid 450php for it.
I am currently using this as my case, I have like 5 PINK iPhone 4S cases and I know I will still buy when I see another one.

iPhone Accessories

iPhone 5 has finally come out and no, I am not planning to buy one for myself just yet. I am enjoying my iPhone 4S so much and I don’t think I will let it go now. I have been buying a lot of iPhone 4S cases and I change it every time I like to match it with my get up.

While I was watching the TV, a TV program was showcasing the different accessories one can get or buy for her or his iPhone. There are lenses that can be bought in the market and use on your iPhone. There are also microphone for iPhone available in case you want to turn your iPhone into a recorder. Another great accessories that you should buy for your iPhone is that shock-proof case, it is a good investment I believe.


No, not Justin Bieber, it is Viber. Do you own an android phone or an iPhone? If you do, you really need to download this application. Why? Well, you can text and call your loved ones anywhere in the world as long as they also had this application in their phones.

Imagine how much money you can save by not spending it on cellphone loads. A 1 minute call abroad costs you around 60php to 80php depends on the place you are calling, and a text messages abroad costs you 20php per text. But having Viber application in your phone lets you call and text anywhere in the world for free.

Oh, but before I forgot, you need to have an internet connection to be able to make a call or text, so you need to be in a place where the WIFI is free or maybe your plan is on unlimited data browsing just like mine.

If you are traveling abroad (outside of your country of origin), having the Viber application in your phone could also save you a lot of money. You just need to be in a place where there are free WIFI to contact your loved ones who are left at home, the good thing is, most hotels and restaurant already offers FREE WIFI to their client.

iPhone 4S Cases

There are so many iPhone 4S cases available for sale online and in different gadgets stores in malls. I don’t buy on impulse because some are quite expensive. So when I saw a good deal in Ensogo, I ordered all the available designs. I only pay 695php for the five iPhone 4S cases plus 120php shipping fee.

The pink one (left side) I gave to my friend hunny and the brown one (looked like dog) I gave to my brother. The other three iPhone 4S cases are on my shelf and I use them to match the color of my dress on a particular day.